Palo Duro Canyon…

After the Texan…hiking of course

We’d contacted our friend Tammie’s Aunt Ruth and her husband Larry in Amarillo and arranged to meet them at, none other than, a Cracker Barrel for brunch and then head out to Palo Duro Canyon.

Palo Duro canyon view from welcom centre

Palo Duro Ruth and Larry and Linda and Pierre dugout

The four of us with this interesting dugout hut that people used to habitate and below is the inside.

Palo Duro Dugout hut

Palo Duro view

According to Wikipedia, this canyon is the second largest canyon in the US, next to the Grand Canyon.

Palo Duro cliff with someone on top

Palo Duro view 1

We drove around and found the Lighthouse Formation.

Palo Duro lighthouse trailhead

Palo Duro Lighthouse trail

Palo Duro Lighthouse 1

Palo Duro Lighthouse2

We saw fancy coulees called Spanish Skirts – the photo I thought would look better slightly saturated and I mean slightly.

Palo Duro Spanish Skirt

Then Ruth and her husband Larry took us to a cave and hiked up with us.

Palo Duro cave

Palo Duro Cave top

Palo Duro from the cave

From there we went to another hike along the bottom of a cliff with red soil and rock with layers of gypsum.

Palo Duro cliff with gypsum

Palo Duro cliff swirliy

I love the curly formation in this section.

Palo Duro Linda on a trail

While we weren’t looking this road runner walked across our path.

Palo Duro Road runner

Just a beautiful place that we’ll have to return to.

Palo Duro amphitheatre

Palo Duro Lighthouse 1

But…onward and upward…


or maybe…

Carlsbad Linda at the top

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