Grasslands East Block – the Hikes

After dealing with the frustration of the damage from the gravel roads, we still love hiking.

The first hike was Valley of 1000 Devils. This isn’t a trail, but a route. The difference is a trail has a path you can follow, a route is a suggested path that you use orienteering skills to navigate.

Grasslands East Block - More Valley
The first part of the route has a fairly distinct trail to follow. When a person arrives at the Valley…things change.

It’s a fairly decent hike, lots of ups and downs but the beginning is a well travelled and decent trail.

Grasslands East Block - Bones
A few remnants along the way.

Every time we visit Grasslands East, I have found bleached bones reminicient of our mortality.

Grasslands East Block - a butte
One of the beautiful buttes

The further you hike here, the better the buttes.

Grasslands East Block - a strange rock
A strangely textured rock.

I had seen similar rocks but none so well textured. I thought it resembled a petrified egg or something else exotic.

Grasslands East Block - another view from a trail
Looking down a coulee at more buttes.

On the way to the Valley of 1000 Devils, looking down a coulee we saw more buttes and sights that couldn’t be photographed well, but, I keep on trying.

Grasslands East Block - Linda by the buttes
Linda on the way down into the valley.

Once the trail vanishes into hints of trails and various routes that don’t go anyplace, we found ourselves in the valley.

Grasslands East Block - Linda in the valley
The valley floor has grass and different points of view than the top.

We often found that long pants in the tall grass is better than shorts. Fewer bugs to contend with as well as less scratches from unknown plants make for a more comfortable hike while wearing long pants.

Grasslands East Block - Linda near the top of a butte
In the valley and trying to navigate back to the camp there are lots of ups and down.
Grasslands East Block - Looking up from the valley
As we go up and down the buttes don’t diminish in their beauty.
Grasslands East Block - More Buttes
The twisty tree in the crack of earth.

I am amazed, still, at nature.

We see the trails in some of the photo above and head down to follow them. We find that some are trails and others are just flat spots from runoff that look like trails.

Grasslands East Block - one of many panos
Another pano from the heights.

We stop often during hikes to make sure that we look around and absorb the beauty that surrounds us.

Grasslands East Block - Panorama
More panoramas.
Grasslands East Block - Valley of 1000 Devils Linda and Hector
Linda and Hector enjoying the view down a coulee.

Another reason to stop to look around is to check on the dog. This one will run around until he’s too tired then stubbornly stop and lie down.

Grasslands East Block - Valley of 1000 Devils view 2
This was one of the places that it would have been nice to have a seat and a glass of wine.
Grasslands East Block - Valley of 1000 Devils view
How many panoramas can I take? Lots! Remember that clicking on the images takes you to Flicker where it’s even larger.
Grasslands East Block - Yet another pano
Yes, even more panorama.
Grasslands East Block - Linda giving water to hector
Remember the dog needs water.
Grasslands East Block - dog playing dead
Hector after a long day hiking.
Grasslands East Block - Linda at the red buttes with Hector
Linda and Hector at the Red Buttes.

This was a very long hike to see these Buttes and the trail…route was almost non-existent.

Grasslands East Block - Linda at the Red Buttes
Linda checking out the scenery.

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