Back at Home…wait…on the road again

Jazzmyn’s was a lot of fun and the Wednesday night open mic was so good I stayed too long…ok I drank…so easy.

We had found a listing for a house we wanted to look at and spoke to the realtor. Wanting to see it we drove out to Carleton Place to have a look.

Meaford - Ice

The first part of the drive was calm and going through Meaford there were blue ice stacks on Georgian Bay but on Georgian Peaks, not too many skiers.

Georgian Peaks

It was quite a long drive and once darkness came, the snow started….and kept coming down.

Travel Snow driving

Carleton Place Riverbreeze

We stayed at the River Breeze Inn.

Carleton Place - Wine

The owner was a gracious host. He offered to make us food as we’d arrived late, there was a complimentary bottle of wine on the table.

Puck settled under the bed.

Carleton Place - the Mississippi River

Linda went for a walk in the morning and this was the view of the Mississippi River in Carleton Place.

Carleton Place - over the bridge

A view of Bridge St. in Carleton Place.

Carleton Place - Stompin Ton

Stompin’ Tom Connors got his start in Carleton Place.

Carelton Place - The house

This was the house and the garage we went to look at…

Travel Southwood Rd. truck on rails

We had a great time with our friends then left to go to Diane and Kim’s cottage. We had the lights at the railway crossing active and the sound of a train whistle. Then this railroad truck arrived towing 3 work bins…

Cottage - Linda and Diane on trail

Linda and Diane on a nice morning hike.

Cottage - shoe tree

We found this shoe tree.

Cottage - Diane and Linda on trail close

Diane and Linda wondering about the tree.

Cottage - summac tree

Some winter scenes are so nice. The blue in the sky was deep.

Cottage, Diane and Kim

Our great friends Diane and Kim on the hike.



2 thoughts on “Back at Home…wait…on the road again

  1. Great to hear you’re both having a great time and finally thinking about settling down!

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