Historic Sites and Humboldt to Saskatoon

We left Yorkton and passed beautiful yellow fields. I noticed a shiny onion dome far away. A few kilometres later we passed Insinger and what looked like an abandoned church. Linda wanted to stop to check it out – it’s a good lesson for me in travelling to be able to explore places that pique our curiosity.

Insinger - Parking at the church
Zipping around to find a place to walk at an abandoned church.

Luckily there was a second driveway and we slowed enough to enter it and park.

Insinger - Orthodox Church
Ukranian Orthodox Church at Insinger.

We found this abandoned church to explore.

Insinger - Orthodox Church door
The doorway of the church.

There was broken glass and open spaces.

Insinger - Inside the church
I managed to stretch up and get an interior shot from one of the broken windows.

The broken window offered a view of the interior.

Insinger - Church interior
The other side…still looks pretty good inside.

It looked like winter hadn’t quite done the damage.

Horton - school site
A sign along the way.

Along the way Linda realized that Humboldt was sort of on route to Saskatoon so we turned north. We passed this sign for a school and stopped to check it out. The rooftop was all that was left.

Humboldt - city sign
This is the sign.

The sign for the town is a nice ironwork sculpture. The town is working towards finding a site to put up a memorial but they are not there yet. The go fund me campaign raised 15 million in 12 days – amazing!

Humboldt Water tower with trailer and truck
The Humboldt water tower historic site.

One of the attraction is this water tower that has been modified to accommodate tourists. The pipes and valves are there and an interior staircase has been built as well as an observation deck to view the surroundings.

Humboldt - Water tower spiral
I couldn’t resist the stylish photo looking up the interior of the water tower.
Humboldt - Water tower plaque
The plaque.

It was a nice stop and we fuelled up in town. We’ve found in the prairies that finding fuel can be challenging at times.

Humboldt - grassland
Photos can’t do justice to the vastness of the prairies.

We passed so many wonderful yellow canola fields but stopping and taking photos would be a challenge due to construction or lack of shoulder.

Saskatoon - Train on the bridge
The CN Train on the Diefenbaker Bridge in Saskatoon at sunset.

We went to beautiful Diefenbaker Park at the suggestion of Linda’s son and we watched a train go by on the bridge over the South Saskatchewan River in Saskatoon.

We are planning on exploring the town in the next few days.