Parking the trailer…keeping it accessible…looking for a house.

Busy at home…

OS- our little trailer

Once the trailer was unpacked we found that it can hold a lot of stuff.

Laundry is the first on the agenda then unpacking and reviewing what we took.

OS - strange formation on tire

Strange how water droplets formed on the tire making it look like spikes.

At the end of the last trip, we modified what went back and at the end of this trip we’re doing the same. This time, once the non food items are selected, we are taking them back to the trailer and reloading the trailer. That way it’s a much faster way to get out of town.

My sister was nearby at Blue Mountain, so we went to visit.

Blue Mountian Greco Family

A cold and windy day with snow. Still out having fun.

Blue Mountain - al of us

Linda had found some hula hoops.

She made me do it while wearing a puffy down jacket….you should try it!

Blue Mountain Pierre drumming

Then there was the drumming circle! Linda says – Pierre you should do this…hmmm…but that is me having a great time in the cold and snow.

But we were in the process of finding a home to live so we kept on looking and found another one to go look at in Carleton Place, Ontario. There was too much snow to take the trailer to CP and park it on the streets. We drove and stayed at the same place as last week… the River Breeze Inn.

Carleton Place - Diane Linda and Eleasa

Diane, Linda and Eleasa for St. Patrick Day!

Meeting up with friends is great!

Carleton Place - Kim flights

Kim having a flight of beer at the Stalwart Brewing Company in Carleton Place.


Carleton Place - Friends and Lillian

We were all there to celebrate Lillian’s 90th Birthday!

Roger, Rose, Jim, Eleasa, Kim, Diane, Linda and Pierre the the Thirsty Moose Pub.

Carelton Place - deputy mayor and Lilian

The deputy mayor of Carleton Place Jerry Flynn and his wife Debbie

Carleton Place 3 daughters and mum

Three sisters Eleasa, Blenda and Diana celebrating their mom’s birthday!

We looked at houses too and put in an offer…

Meaford - Beach scene 2

Not the ocean but beautiful waves in Meaford, Ontario….