We lucked out at MacLeod then moved on

We still didn’t have reservations for the next couple of places but thought since it was Sunday we’d try our luck at MacLeod Provincial Park…they don’t take reservations but a gate-person told us they will most likely start next year…

MacLeod - the sign
The sign at MacLeod. Unfortunately it didn’t look well loved even though it was quite clean and hospitable.

The park had good space for us. There were many seasonal sites that were unoccupied but enough people at the park to make it feel lived in. We found an unserviced site that would do us quite well.

MacLeod- campsite
Site #32 was a fairly level site. Puck examining the area for danger…he still wandered.

Our site was pretty good. It had enough sun to charge the batteries and was close enough to clean bathrooms to make them easy to get to and easily usable.

MacLeod - Panorama
The park had a beautiful beach area.

There were a few families at the park and some of them enjoyed the beach…it all looked clean and looked after.

MacLeod - Stage
At the beach a stage.

There was a cool stage at the beach and it looked in pretty good shape. We wondered what and when it would be used.

MacLeod - Stage back
There was a whole shelter ready to go up at a moments notice.

This was the back of the stage showing a bandshell cover. I’m sure that at some point this is/was beautiful and well thought of.

MacLeod - the rusty gate
A well made gate…showing signs of age and rust.

Like some of the other parks we’ve visited, this gate is well made, but lack of money and maintenance give it a neglected appearance.

MacLeod - Hector in the water
Hector seems to enjoy the water and only gets his belly in to cool it off.

For some reason, Hector only likes to get into the water to his belly and sometimes lies down to cool himself off. If it gets too deep for him he bounds out.

MacLeod - Children Playground
This is a really cool looking playground. “I get to be a pirate”.

This would be a great place to bring kids as there are a lot of fun places to play.

Macleaod - stir fry
A stir fry.

We on the other hand wanted something light so we made a stir-fry.

MacLeod - Rabbit and Pierre
The tetra pack makes it pretty easy to travel.

Wine makes the stir-fry a lot more fun to eat.

Beardmore - Snowman Gateway to Lake Nippigon
Beardmore, Ontario … the snowman.

Once we left MacLeod we started to head south on highway 11 towards Nipigon and passed this snowman. I had to stop and take a photo…

2 thoughts on “We lucked out at MacLeod then moved on

  1. We have been regular campers through N.Ontario the past 15 yrs. We have noticed a marked deterioration in the parks in N.Ontario.

    • It’s sad that this happens. At most of the parks we saw the workers doing a fine job of keeping the place clean but at this point I think it’s just a lack of money. I don’t know which came first the low visitor count or deterioration causing less people to camp at these places. Any thoughts?

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