Sand Dunes at Douglas Provincial Park in Saskatchewan

After Saskatoon, we wanted to see the sand dunes in Saskatchewan. The idea is to make it to the Great Sand Hills in the next few days. Linda found Douglas Provincial Park at the southern end of Lake Diefenbaker and we thought a night there would allow us to explore the dunes there.

Douglas Provincial Park - Campsite
Our campsite was wonderful-it fit our trailer as well as Colin’s tent and still had room a little farther down for a campfire and picnic table.

We made it to the Douglas Park and the gate person suggested a beautiful site that accommodate us excellently. If it would have been available for a couple of nights we would have taken it; alas, only one night.

Douglas Provincial Park - Lake Diefenbaker from the trail
On the walk to the trailhead is the view of the lake from a marsh. There are a couple of beaches at the park but we chose to go to the dunes instead.

Part of the Great Trail meanders through Douglas Park and above is a small view of Lake Diefenbaker from the trail.

Douglas Provincial Park - trail to sand dune
This is near the beginning of the trail to the sand dunes.

Strange how across the highway from the park, the landscape changes dramatically.

Douglas Provincial Park - little tree
Lovely trees on the trail.
Douglas Provincial Park -Little tree with Linda
Same tree as above…no Linda didn’t turn into a giant…the trees are all dwarf trees.

We heard that drought keeps these trees at a small stature.

Douglas Provincial Park - trough with old water pump
Parts of an old pump at a water trough.

We found a solar powered water trough with a discarded water pump part.

Douglas Provincial Park - approaching the sand dune
Approaching the sand dunes.

After a few bends, the trail led us to the dunes.

Douglas Provincial Park - part of the sand dune
The dunes are sizeable but don’t have great height and have some vegetation.

The sand was soft and dry and walking became like walking on a beach.

Linda loves to run down sand dunes.

They were a lot of fun to wander through.

Douglas Provincial Park - all of us at the sand dune
Our “top of the dune” selfie.

The usual selfie included Colin this time. I put the phone in a tree and used the camera feature on the watch to take the photo. I have found using a 3 second delay allows for better posing.

Douglas Provincial Park - Linda and Hector
On the return, Hector is also wondering about the size of the trees.
Douglas Provincial Park - cactus on the trail
Strangely there are a lot of cactus plants in the area.

Beautiful cactus grows near the dune and it seems most of southern Saskatchewan.

Douglas Provincial Park - Campfire and cooking
In preparation for dinner: a fire, chopped wood, and the table top grill to help minimize odours in the trailer.

It was a beautiful afternoon and late enough to start dinner preparations. Colin and I chopped some wood. I started a fire in the raised fire pit and prepared the grill for cooking.

Douglas Provincial Park - kabobs for dinner
Giant kabobs.

When we were in Saskatoon, I bought these giant mesquite kabobs from Prairie Meats. Big and flavourful!

It rained overnight and we forgot to put stuff away. In the morning, I went to the gatehouse to check if the reservation for our site had been cancelled but it had not and we didn’t want to move a few sites over. Instead we headed for Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park….

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