Saskatoon and bicycle ride

We drove to Saskatoon to visit with Colin, Linda’s son, and check out the town. We parked in the driveway for a boondock and there was a plug just outside the trailer so we plugged in.

Saskatoon - boondock
Our Saskatoon Boondock.

It was great to see Colin and hang out.

Rosthurn - old and new grain elevators
The grain elevators at Rosthurn – old in foreground and current behind.

One of the things Linda wanted to do was to go to Rosthurn where her favourite dog food for Hector – Horizon – is made to see the factory. A little disappointing as the factory was just that, a building that didn’t have a sign but looked efficient. We did find the grain elevators and they were interesting to look at.

Rosthurn - a little way out an old car with tree
On the way to Batoche we saw this new use of old vehicles.

Leaving Rosthurn I saw a sign for a national park and wanted to go check it out. It was Batoche National Historical Site where the final battle of the Northwest resistance was fought.

Batoche - the gate
The entrance to the Batoche National Historical Site.

We didn’t really have time to explore this site and we will have to come back and spend a day exploring this site.

Rosthurn - South Sakatchewan River nearby
The South Saskatchewan River as we return to Saskatoon.

There was some great scenery along the return to Colin’s place.

Saskatoon - Colin and Pierre by the hotel
Colin and Pierre on the bike trail in front of the Delta Bessborough hotel in Saskatoon.

When we returned to Saskatoon, Colin was ready for a bike ride on the Meewasin Trail. We rode to where we’d seen Colin on the train and started on the trail. We rode across the river and toward downtown. We stopped in front of the Delta Bessborough formerly one of the CN Hotels for this photo.

Saskatoon - Colin and Pierre at the boat
A few years ago when Linda and I rode the motorcycle back from Oregon we stopped in Saskatoon and enjoyed a trip on the Prairie Lily.

Colin and I stopped at the Prairie Lily boat that does tours of the river in Saskatoon. Linda and I had toured on it on a rainy day about four years ago and I thought it would be fun to take a photo for her.

Saskatoon - Colin at teh CP bridge
Colin looking at the rails on the CP bridge that has a pedestrian crossing as well.

We had a long ride until we reached the pedestrian crossing on the CP bridge and we walked our bicycles to the other side.

Saskatoon - Abandoned Ski Lift at the river
An abandoned ski lift for the Saskatoon Ski Jump.

As we rode we found a plaque about the Saskatoon Ski Jump. We rode a little farther and there was even the remnants of a ski lift up the bank of the river.

Saskatoon - looking to the South Saskatchewan River
The long and wide South Saskatchewan River through Saskatoon.

We spent a couple of days after this just exploring and hanging around Saskatoon.

When it was time to move and sand dunes were on our mind, so we headed to Douglas Provincial Park.

Daniel Provincial Park
The wonderful park attendant sent us to a beautiful site.

We woke and ended up leaving a little later than our usual time of 10 am but managed to get there in beautiful sunshine and set up.

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    • Thanks for the questions Kelly. Colin is Linda’s son and the dog food company is Horizon Dog Food. I have edited the post to reflect that. Good questions are appreciated and make the blog better.

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