Fall 2020 around Ontario – Part 8

As COVID-19 lockdowns continue I really hope to get caught up to now, so that when the restrictions are lifted and new adventures begin, this blog can stay current.

While we were at home, and restrictions were eased up, we went out for a walk in the forest with a friend who has a musket and we wanted to see how that works.

Lanark - Scott and Winnie and the musket
A man and his dog. That is a real musket.

We took our lovely dog Hector and he was able to play with his girlfriend Winnie and wander through the woods looking for squirrels.

Lanark - Scot firing the musket
We found out that our dogs don’t care about the sound that guns make.

We only saw one squirrel in the woods, though Hector managed to find and bark at something up a tree. I had to go to retrieve Hector as he would not leave it alone. He also found a porcupine…luckily too far into a log to be an issue.

Carleton Place - Truck box
Trying out the new shelving unit in the truck. Thanks to Kim this should work wonderfully to organize our travelling mess.

With out travelling friends Kim and Diane we had managed to build this organizer for the back of the truck. That way the tent, the pet accessories, carpets, tables and various other camping accessories can be in the truck and accessible without having to rummage through.

Carleton Place - Jinnie the Kunekune
A Kunekune pig at a local farm where we get eggs and maple syrup.

We visited a friend to get some maple syrup and pick up a canoe. He showed us the kunekune pig which is a grazing pig. Such a fun beastie to have around.

Carleton Place - Kevin with goats
Then there are the goats…way too much fun and they love treats.
Carleton Place - Winnie and Hector paying linda full attention
Winnie and Hector waiting for a treat from Linda.

Winnie, Hector’s girlfriend, comes over to visit every once in a while and they play quite rough – moving furniture, carpeting etc.. They both sleep wonderfully the next few days.

Carleton Place - preparing for Achray
We were able to borrow a canoe and load it onto the truck…looks easy…lol. We are ready for our late fall adventure.

I realize that it might be worthwhile renting canoes at parks rather than loading and unloading one each time you want to go out. We are all loaded up are ready to head out. Even this late in the season at Ontario Parks we have to make reservations to be able to get good spots.

Algonquin PP - Achray - dramatic sky
We made it to Algonquin Provincial Park at the Achray campground and this was our view from the campsite.

Algonquin – Achray campground has no electrical sites so we had to find a site that had good sun for the fixed panel on the trailer roof. Linda had picked a site near the boat launch and I thought it would be good this time of year as few people would venture out in power boats.

Algonquin PP - Achray -the jackpine place
There were some interesting hikes at the park and this one is close to where Tom Thomson painted.
Algonquin PP - Achray -Linda and Hector at the Jackpine site
Hector and Linda standing beside the place where it is believed that Tom Thomson painted the Jack Pine.
Algonquin PP - Achray -Pierres version of the Jackpine
I tried (unsuccessfully) to capture the painting. The original tree is gone.

Since we had the canoe, we thought it would be nice to see if Hector would be calm enough not to get us wet.

Algonquin PP - Achray - the canoe and Hector
Treats to help him stay calm on the water.

Hector seemed stressed but did well in the canoe. More hiking was to follow.

Algonquin PP - Achray -Linda on a walk
Linda on a trail.
Algonquin PP - Achray - Berm lake jackpine
Pierre’s version of the painting.

I had hoped to find a similar site to Tom Thomson’s paining. This was as close as I got.

Algonquin PP - Achray -Linda taking a photo
Linda trying to capture the perfect shot.
Algonquin PP - Achray -Better version of Linda and the phone
I was caught taking the photo of Linda.

It’s always good to try different techniques to get good photos…some work and others don’t. With digital photography so easy to edit, we tend to take the shotgun approach and hope for the best; however, as time goes on, Linda and I have found editing in the viewfinder before taking the shot a better plan…still…we have way too many photos.

Algonquin PP - Achray -Linda on a trail
Linda on the trails.
Algonquin PP - Achray -Hector looking good
Hector contemplating how many hikes he can do in one day.
Algonquin PP - Achray - one selfie
Yet another shameless selfie.

These days we try for waterfront sites and the photo is our site looking up from the lake.

Algonquin PP - Achray -our camp
Our campsite beside the boat ramp. Not full sun but we still managed with our limited solar.

Our hiking included going to Barron Canyon and the fog was heavy.

Algonquin PP - Achray - the Barron Canyon in the fog
This is at the top of the canyon.

It’s interesting to hike a canyon in fog…the trail is visible but there is no concept of height.

Algonquin PP - Achray -Barron Canyone Hector in the fog on the edge
Hector didn’t have an issue going to the edge.
Algonquin PP - Achray -Barron Canyon and Linda
Linda on the other hand…

The canyon was interesting but we decided the hike nearby to High Falls was in order, given the fog.

Algonquin PP - Achray - high falles
Shameless selfie at High Falls.
Algonquin PP - Achray - High Falls looking down
These are lovely falls.

The hike to the falls is a good length and there is lots of space for a picnic once there. When we hike this again on the next visit, we’ll definitely bring one.

Once we returned to the car and the weather had improved, we realized we were close enough to Barron Canyon to return. It’s a short hike to the top.

Algonquin PP - Achray -Barron Canyon no fog
A view of the canyon that one day we’ll paddle.
Algonquin PP - Achray - Linda on the edge
Once she was sure of the edge, Linda was comfortable to get close to have a better look.
Algonquin PP - Achray -Barron Canyon selfie
Shameless selfie with the canyon in the background.

From the beautiful canyon to one of the drop in points for canoes was a short drive.

Algonquin PP - Achray - a canoe protage
Down from the Brigham Lake parking lot. The mist on the river was so cool.
Algonquin PP - Achray -Hector enjoing fresh water
Hector seemed to like the cool water.

A good hiking day with some lovely sites.

Algonquin PP - Achray - our camp again
Back at the campground, we’ve found doing dishes outside is relaxing and avoids water on the counter.
Algonquin PP - Achray - Canoeing
Canoeing with Linda and Hector…though he wouldn’t pose for the selfie.

I felt confortable enough to have all three of us in the canoe and Hector behaved well enough that we are considering getting a canoe.

Algonquin PP - Achray -.Linda on a trail
More fall hiking.

As our trip comes to a close we had to hike some more.

Algonquin PP - Achray - on a trail
Interesting fall scenes and misty hikes are energizing.

At this time of year (Fall) there aren’t crowds and the weather is unpredictable making for a wonderful experience on the trails.

Algonquin PP - Achray -the boat launch alread out
The mornings are cool enough for jackets and hats.
Algonquin PP - Achray -nice sunrise
Cool mornings make for lovely photos.

We could feel the end of the season.

Algonquin PP - Achray -our rig ready to get back home
Packed up and ready to roll back home.

It’s almost never fun to pack up. The canoe gave us lots to think about.

Algonquin PP - Achray - Hector watching Pierre canoe
Hector wondering if he’ll be back in the canoe again.
Carleton Place - Hector looking back with new table
Looking out the back door…ok…so it’s a window.

I wonder what he’s thinking…I wish I was camping?

As we prepare to winter, the indoor garden is starting to take shape.

Carleton Place - dining room after painting
It’s a jungle in here.
Carleton Place - Hectors new coat
Yes, it’s that time of year for jackets.
Friends come to visit and the tug of war begins.

It’s kind of nice to be home and see the friends we’ve missed.

6 thoughts on “Fall 2020 around Ontario – Part 8

  1. I’ve always wanted to visit Algonquin in the fall. It looks so peaceful and serene. Glad to see that you had some decent weather to go canoeing and hiking. Your pictures of Barron Canyon are gorgeous!

    • I’m sure you will love Algonquin in the fall. The north entrances are quiet and less used so yes, much more serene than the hwy 60 corridor. Barron Canyon is lovely and we hope to canoe it later this fall, the photos don’t do it justice. Maybe we’ll see you up there. I’m enjoying your blog and the adventures of Ontario Parks journey. Thanks,

  2. Thanks Doug. We did have Puck with us, but he is deaf and having issues with his sight so he stays in and around the trailer. I’m happy for your canoeing memories with your brother, it’s such a nice experience. We plan on being on the road in September and will contact you by email with our itinerary and maybe we can meet up.

  3. Great blog and photos guys. It’s lovely to see you enjoying retirement to the fullest 😊👍

    • Thanks Nick, we are doing what we can and every time we get the In Memoriam newsletter we are grateful that we’ve been able to do this much and will continue as long as we can.

  4. Hi Folks!

    Looks like great fun. I guess you left Puck at home? With all of your camping trips, it is probably best that you invest in your own canoe. I spent many hours paddling with my brother John on Lake Simcoe & in various Kawartha lakes.Perhaps I can meet up with you in September?
    Best wishes,

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