Tofino and the big storm – part one

On to Tofino and the big storm…

This post and the next one are still part of the big catch up and will take us to Jan 24th 2018

We had planned to go to Tofino for most of the winter to see storms. We wanted to stay at Crystal Cove RV as it had great ratings. We hadn’t booked as we didn’t know when we’d arrive or how long we’d stay. They had space for us and we found a nice site with full hook-ups.

Tofino - Crystal Cove camp with a nice cloud

The RV park was scenic and filled with trees. We were there to see storms and the next night after our arrival…there was wind. The site beside us that was empty had a tree that fell down. We felt very lucky.

Tofino -  overview

We started to explore Tofino.

Tofino - Linda on the beach

Linda on the beach by the RV park.

Tofino - Tonquin Park trailhead

We went to the end of the road and there was Tonquin Park…we went to have a quick look.

Tofino - Nest on a tree

Looked like a nest of sorts.

Tofino - waves smashing

One of the beaches on the way.

Tofino - TacoFino

We ended up meeting someone that told us the trail head all the way back to McKenzie beach – that’s where Crystal Cove is located – passing through middle beach. He also suggested that TacoFino was a great place to have lunch.

Tofino - Surf etiquette

We learned about surf etiquette.

Tofino - Panorama

Beautiful beach sunsets.

Tofino - Sunset on McKennzie Beach

This one is at the campground.

Tofino - good surfer

Tofino - Surfer in a wave

Saw some people surfing…brrr

Tofino - Linda with trees on beach

Even had a little sun on the beach.

Tofino - stormgirl

Then the epic storm came.

Tofino - storm wave

The waves increased in size.

Tofino - Long beach how far in the driftwood came

At Long Beach the driftwood came over the breaker.

Tofino -  long beach after the storm

These logs were jostled like toothpicks. We had to run back more than 200 feet at one point.

Tofino - Long beach foam

The sea foam was fun to watch jiggle.

Tofino - Long beach logs after the strom

Tofino - big waves

Still the waves increased.

Tofino - LInda on the boardwak

Inland we explored a sphagnum moss boardwalk.

Tofino - Linda at the Wild Pacific Trail

Down at Ucuelet on the Wild Pacific Trail…the next day they closed the trail because of high winds and extreme waves.

Tofino - McKenzie Beach

The calm started to come, but the waves were still pretty big.

Tofino - Linda in hail and sun

Then it hailed on us.

Tofino - Eagle

Saw this eagle had found a washed up seal.

Tofino - Crow on seal

The raven arrived after the eagle.

Tofino - gnarley driftwood

This dragon like driftwood was washed up too…

Tofino - Linda with a rainbow

Then the rainbows.

Tofino - rainbow

Tofino - Pierre ready for a photo

Pierre watching the waves bounce the giant driftwood.

Tofino - Ocean View

Finally the calm.

We checked the weather and temperatures were dropping. We went to check on the Sutton pass…snow…it’s supposed to be warmer soon.

Tofino -  Truck on snowy sutton pass



3 thoughts on “Tofino and the big storm – part one

  1. Many , many years ago I was in Tofino and we took a small boat ride across to a nearby Island where we had lunch in a lovely restaurant in a house, then we walked the grounds and they take you back when you are ready. It was a really nice day.

    • That sounds just delightful-we will look for it next time we’re there. Such a nice place and happy that you’ve been there.

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