New thoughts on the blog…I had planned on a few updates…but never mind…a new adventure begins.

I had started the great big catch up blog post and realized that even I was getting tired of looking at it. So…a new adventure begins and this will be the first of this set.

Carleton Place - Pierre polishing the trailer
Starting to prepare the trailer; washing and waxing makes it better.

We thought it would be a good idea to wash and wax the trailer. We tried a compound our neighbour suggested and it looks pretty good so far.

Carleton Place - Pierre through the ladder
Still applying wax. Linda thought this was a cool photo.

I am not used to waxing my vehicles but I like how waxed things look. The trailer was shaping up beautifully.

Carleton Place - Pierre all done
The satisfied look of finally having polished the trailer.

It looked so good! We put out the awning to let it air out.

Carleton Place - Pierre greasing the axels
Greasing the axle.

I had thought about taking the trailer into an RV dealer to have the axles looked at but I was convinced that greasing the axles was easy. I bought a grease gun and the recommended grease – it was pretty easy at the end of the day after borrowing a bottle jack from a neighbour to raise the trailer.

Carleton Place - Linda happy about the trip
Linda very excited about the journey – there is Boler in the background that helped too….

The anticipation of going on another adventure is contagious.

Carleton Place - Hector practicing for the trip
Hector practicing the camping walk.

Even the dog is all excited about going out camping.

Carleton Place - Trailer returning from the dump
The truck and trailer combination take up two ONLY full parking spots…that’s a good thing.

I like to flush the black tank again before a trip and go to the waste dump to ensure that at least at the start, everything is good and empty, then refill the fresh water tank so that it doesn’t have the stale tank taste.

Carleton Place -All hooked up and loaded up
Loaded and almost ready for travel.

Everything is pretty much loaded and ready to roll. Starting to do the final checks of what is supposed to be in the trailer and what maps we should be carrying….it’s all so exciting and we can’t wait to start rolling.

6 thoughts on “New thoughts on the blog…I had planned on a few updates…but never mind…a new adventure begins.

  1. Looks like a lot of fun! The anticipation of a new journey is great, isn’t it? Where are you guys going? Will you be gone a long time? Glad you’ve started this blog.

    • Travelling is always lot of fun. We are heading towards Saskatoon and then some…not too long this time though. We miss you and hope to see you on our return.

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