On the road again – hot humid days

It has been sticky hot these past few days for us preparing to head out. We have the army run once again in September so it’s probably a good thing to start running once more. Even when it’s too hot to run.

Getting ready for another hot run
Pierre preparing for the silly hot run…the dog is questioning me.

Once the run was over we gathered all our stuff ready to pack.

The next day I started loading the truck.

Carleton Place - back of loaded truck
The back of the truck with Hector’s crate takes up a lot of room

It’s a challenge creating crate room and still having room for the cat cage and the dog.

Carleton Place - back of loaded truck interior
The other view.

It’s going to be tight and I am not sure if we’ll be able to have windows open with such a tight space. We ended up using the AC all the way to Toronto. I don’t know what that did to the fuel consumption relative to open windows.

Carelton Place - YIG fundraiser front
Fundraiser in Carleton Place for the people who’s house burnt down on High St. This was the entrance.
Carelton Place - YIG fundraiser south
CP fundraiser other tents in the Independent’s parking lot garden centre.
Carelton Place - fundraiser busy
A good turnout for at the Independent for the fundraiser with live music too.

There was a horrible fire on High Street in Carleton Place and the above photos are of the fundraiser that had a solid turn out and good donations.

Havlock the other view
Once on the road, we had to make a stop for the dog walk. Havelock seemed a good place

Havelock Ontario had railway and still has a CP mini-yard. That also means a pretty good place for a trailer to pull over and for us to take a nice walk for the dog.

Havlock for pie back
There is the old train station and lots of room for the truck and trailer combination to stop for a while.

The old train station has a nice little restaurant attached to it. I think next time we’ll stop in and have something to eat. This time we had the remainder of an apple pie in the trailer.

Havelock - tracks
Train tracks are still fascinating to me… and have lots of room nearby for a dog walk.

Hector and I had a nice walk beside the track watching all the trains parked there and all the graffiti.

Havelock front
Great place to stop…getting out eastbound would have been so easy – Westbound, not so much.

Nice rest stop- hard to get back into the traffic on the westbound on this busy Sunday.

Toronto - the driveway
A friend’s driveway is a great place to park for a quick overnight.

Thanks to wonderful friends we were able to park in their driveway overnight. Level and easy access to what we want to accomplish tomorrow.

Toronto - the back yard sushi
We’ve managed to find sushi once again.

I love sushi and staying at our friends driveway gave us the opportunity to use the back yard for a calm and relaxing dinner and prepare for tomorrow.

Thanks Kim and Diane…we look forward to seeing you in a few weeks.

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