Fall in Ontario on Lake Superior

Once more we headed to Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park for two nights. We had the site reserved as well as our next few nights.

Kakabeka Falls - Hector and Puck
Hector and Puck checking out who else has visited the site since they were last here.

We stayed at the same site as we’ve found it to be in a quiet location.

Kakabeka Falls - Rabbit
We found this bunny on one of our nightly walks….before Hector and the bunny noticed each other.

The park wasn’t full and it was easy to do some of the necessary things such as laundry and nice showers before the next part of our journey.

Neys - setting up tent
Pierre setting up the tent at Neys Provincial Park

We had planned on meeting up with Diane and Kim at Neys. We both arrived close to each other…they had arrived a little earlier and were finishing setting up. We’ve found that it is worth setting up with a good view so the trailer door now faces the lake. As we are going to be around for a few days, it’s worth while to set up the screen tent…lots of rain is in the forecast.

Neys - the campsite
Everything ready before the rain and wind.

We set everything up and had wood for the fire…the rain threatened and I covered up the fire pit before it arrived.

Neys - the capsite from the lake
The view from the lake. All ready for evening and sitting by the trailer for morning coffee.

All ready for the storm.

Neys - Rainbow and Driftwood on the beach
A lovely rainbow after the storm.

The storm came and went. The reward is a rainbow.

Neys - Shadow selfie with rainbow
Shadow selfie with a rainbow at Neys.

It was so nice to see a rainbow once again.

Neys - a hike with Diane and Kim
Linda, Pierre, Kim and Diane hiking in the rain.

We are not afraid of the rain. We’ve found that good rain gear, including the waterproof knapsack, make hiking in all weather pleasant. This rain was misty for the most part.

Neys - a clearer day pic of the boats
Boats that were used by POW lumberjacks.

On one of our first hikes we found these boats at Neys Provincial Park.

Neys - Linda and Hector on rocks
Of course Hector is a good hiker as well as not minding the rain – once he’s been out in it.

Hector is pretty timid about going out in the rain, but he’s good once he realizes that we are out in it and he gets to sniff a lot of new scents.

Neys - more boats
The boats are fascinating.
Neys - more boats still
There are still some interesting bits about the boats that one can read on the nearby plaque.
Neys - the boats from teh prison camp
Hector is also exploring the boats…he didn’t show much interest.
Neys - a better morning rainbow
The next morning brought us another rainbow.
Neys - a sunrise
A beautiful sunrise.
Neys - a morning rainbow
One partial rainbow turned to a double partial rainbow. It was a little too dark to do a good photo.
Neys - On a wet trail
More hiking – this one out to the lookout point.
Neys - a little waterfall
A baby waterfall.

Even in late summer there are good little creeks flowing through the woods and they are pretty to look at and listen to the gurgle of the falls.

Neys - Hike to Lookout trail with Kim and Linda
Sometimes the water makes the trail muddy.
Neys - a rail bridge
I have always like railway bridges and this one was nice to look at and would have been nice to get close to check it out.
Neys - Diane on the trail
Climbing makes for warmth and Diane has already removed her jacket on the way to the lookout.
Neys - Diane and Kim at teh lookout
Diane and Kim at the lookout.
Neys - Hike up the lookout trail
It was a nice lookout, but the view wasn’t the best.
Neys - Lookout Panorama
The panorama of the first lookout.
Neys - Hector at the lookout a little unimpressed
Hector is unimpressed by the view. Maybe he’s too short.
Neys - the iron fish
The sculpture at Neys is terrific.

I would love to see this fish fully lit by the sun and the colour explosion that must happen.

Pukaskawa- Interesting inlet
Pukaskawa National Park.

Using Neys Provincial Park as a base, we went to explore Pukaskawa National Park

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    • Thanks Doug – your comments are appreciated. Lake superior is a wonderful place to explore and well worth returning to often.

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