More of Lake Superior in the Fall of 2019

Pukaskwa National Park is a terrific park to visit. We will definitely have to stay there a few nights on another occasion. Now that we know how to pronounce the word – puck a saw – I have no idea what happed to the second K but apparently it is not pronounced…I could be wrong.

Pukaskwa - Linda and Hector on a trail
Linda untangling Hector.

We’d often wondered about this park and this time we stopped in to see if it would be a good place to camp. It’s terrific! We found a couple of campsites that would do us well and made notes. Now all we have to remember is where we put the notes.

Pukaskwa - Hector on the trail
Hector loves walking in the woods.
Pukaskwa - an inlet
Some interesting little inlets in the park.

A beautiful park with good hiking. The park is huge and we only get to explore a tiny bit of it this visit.

Pukaskwa - Diane Linda nd Hector on a driftwood beach
Hector, Linda and Diane on one of Pukaskwa’s beaches.
Pukaskwa - Linda and driftwood
There were some amazing driftwood pieces there.
Pukaskwa - a lake view
There is just some beautiful scenery at Pukaskwa on the shore of Lake Superior.

It’s so nice to have trails that give beautiful views and Pukaskwa did that for us.

Pukaskwa - big fungus
We started to take photos of mushrooms again and these were huge growths on the fallen birch tree.
Pukaskwa - Kim and driftwood
There was a lot of driftwood in the coves and Kim is enjoying the walk.
Pukaskwa - Linda on a deck
Linda along with a window view of the lake.

Well worth visiting.

Pukaskwa - Tree with Kim
Kim exploring the rocks and waves.
Neys - preparing for dinner and Pierre
Pierre and Hector at our dining tent.

After a good day of hiking we return to Neys for dinner. The big tent has come in quite useful in keeping bugs and wind out. With a little propane heater inside, the cool nights are tempered as well.

Neys - Puck wandering the road
Puck’s hikes are a little shorter, but he does seem to like visiting the beach and returning to the trailer.
Neys - Linda on the hike to the big lookout
Finally a sunny and warm day.

We thought a hike up to the big lookout was in order as the day promised to be warm and sunny.

Neys - On a sunny hike
An opening in the forest on our way up.

We were at the right time of year to pick up lots of wild blueberries.

Neys - another driftwood beach and Kim
Kim and more driftwood. We like driftwood it seems.
Neys - a sunny version of the prisoner boats
A sunny revisit to the prisoner boats at Neys.

With the sun out we managed another visit to the prisoner boats and to see how deteriorated they had become. Fascinating.

Neys - the 4 of us and Hector on the lookout gazebo
After a lengthy hike, the gazebo at the Neys lookout.
Neys - pano from the big lookout
The panorama view from the top.

This was a challenging hike up through the forest to the lookout. The trail wasn’t as well marked as the others but we managed well. We even had a nice lunch break. Hector was great in pulling me uphill too…he had a fun filled and eager hike.

Neys - Diane and Kim on the beach at sunset taking photos
Back at the camp…Kim and Diane taking photos of the sunset.
Neys - the sunset for Kim and Diane
Another beautiful Lake Superior Sunset.

One of the great features of camping on Lake Superior are the great sunsets.

White River - Winni the Poo
White River and the beginning of Winnie the Poo.

Our time at Neys finished and we drove to Lake Superior Provincial Park and the Agawa Bay campground. White River with the beginning of Winnie the Poo were along the way.