More fall travels – 2019

Lake Superior - in the dining tent with Hector on Kim Lap
At Agawa Bay campground on Lake Superior, Hector found that he prefers to be a lap dog when the ground is cold. Kim is the lucky recipient of this discovery.

It’s tough returning from a beautiful trip.

Vaugahn - Momo and dad's anniversary
We returned to Toronto in time to celebrate my parents’ sixtieth anniversary.

We managed to be back in time to see my parents’ party.

Home - little fish
I finally caught a fish in Mississippi River in Carleton Place, ON.

It was a nice time being back with some good weather.

Westport with Les and Linda
Our neighbour Les took us out on his boat to a few places including a lovely town called Westport.

One of the nice things in returning home is our neighbourhood with its caring people. Our neighbour had suggested a boating trip, so we went out and explored some of the canal system.

Westport - Pierres hair in the wind
My hair blowing in the wind.

We had a wedding to attend and thought it would be best to camp nearby.

Balsam Lake - campsite
Our campsite at Balsam Lake.

Balsam Lake was a good option and only about forty minutes out.

Balsam Lake - Linda by the fire
We started to try out the “Foil Dinners” and they seemed to work out great!

We stayed a couple of nights and made foil dinners: a whole lot of vegetables that take a while to cook along with a protein, cooking it all for 20 to 40 min on the grill. We found that a good base fire goes a long way to a delicious dinner. Onions and garlic are almost a must-include and the smell coming out is terrific.

Balsam Lake - Linda over the lake
There were some lovely places to relax along the trails too.

Of course we hiked and found some excellent unserviced campsites for future reference too.

Balsam Lake Linda on a bench
Linda enjoying the sun.
Carleton Place - baby turtle
Found this guy on one of the hiking trails in Carleton Place. He is so tiny!

Back in Carleton Place we did some running and on one of the runs I saw the little turtle. Thinking someone was going to step on him, I moved him out of the way.

Home - glased rock from Margo
Our friend Margo painted this rock and gave us the memento. At home I lacquered it and it looks great. It will travel with us just like the mushroom we picked up from Kevin.
Rest Stop
The weather was co-operative and we headed out once more. This was a nice rest stop on the way to Silent Lake.
Silent Lake - Panorama
Silent Lake panorama

We found ourselves at Silent Lake; another wonderful Ontario Park.

Silent Lake - Campsite
Our camp and Hector has decided that he is a chair dog…we figure he just doesn’t like the cold ground.

We found a nice campsite and positioned the trailer just so that we have good privacy. We built a fire and put out our chairs. Hector now has the idea that he gets his own chair.

Silent Lake - Pierre by the fire
Puck of course is keeping guard while I tend the fire.
Silent Lake  - Linda and Hector on a walk
As usual we hike with Hector in tow or is it that he has us in tow?
Silent Lake - Linda and Hector on the rocks
We found the lake and Hector seems to have a scent of something…

There was some great hiking there.

Silent Lake - Ambulance
One of the campers had an issue.

One of the campers had some problem that required an ambulance to attend. It all turned out fine in the end, but it was a frightening time for those involved.

Silent Lake - Hector learing to love the chair
Diane and Kim joined us at this lovely place.

We thought it good to share the good weather and Diane and Kim arrived to help us enjoy the fine fall weather.

Silent Lake - Diane Kim and Hector
Hector likes them and often behaves when they have the leash.
Silent Lake and our wonderful camp
The nice thing about camping this time of year is there are no fire bans.

Fire bans have become an issue during our summer travels. In the fall…there is often enough rain to make having fires easy.

Silent Lake Linda on the water
Just a nice quiet lake and the fall colours coming out.

That was such a wonderful place to be. The fall scent of the woods is hard to beat.

Back at home there was the matter of the last repair to the awning guide.

Escape Trailer - Awning guide
The awning guide fell off in Saskatchewan in the summer. I was fortunate enough to find it. The only thing holding it on was silicone.
Excape Trailer - fallen guide
I think this is custom part that had to be put back. The thought of getting it screwed in occurred but I realized that if it’s that permanent then if I hit a tree it will do fiberglass damage.
Escape Trailer - awning guide blow drier
Using a blow dryer then scraping the residue off with a soft wood scraper so as not to damage the fiberglass was in order.

It was a tedious process to get the old stuff off then clean it. The new seal and cement stuff I used seem to be working. I’ll have to try it out on the road and hope that it holds.

Home - Thanksgiving pumpkins
Thanksgiving dinner with pumpkins…one is a rice and beef and the other is a quinoa and chicken..both were a big hit.

Thanksgiving is always a fun event and I like the stuffed pumpkin recipes that we find online. I think next year it will be a dessert rather than a main.

Home and Hector's Cot
Guess who has his own cot now?

Back in Carleton Place, we realized that Hector needed his own cot. We hope that on future camping trips Linda gets her own chair.

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