Fall 2020 around Ontario – Part 1

We had planned on meeting friends from the USA at Agawa Bay campground in Lake Superior Provincial Park. We all made bookings in early May and looked quite forward to getting together. Thanks to COVID-19 we had to change plans as they could not join us. Diane and Kim and Linda and I decided to do a Northern Ontario trip instead.

Algonquin PP - Mew Lake - campsite with sun
At Algonquin Park the Mew Lake camp.

Linda and I had already booked one night at Mew Lake to stay on our way up to Agawa bay but due to the change of plans we altered our stay to be there for two nights. Unfortunately we couldn’t get the same campsite so we took the one beside it. These were huge camps and it was very easy to park and move the next day.

Algonquin PP - Mew Lake - the first campfire
With the help of used dishes the first campfire of this trip was pretty easy to start.
Algonquin PP - Mew Lake - the first fire lit
Nice first fire of this trip

It’s always nice to have a daytime campfire if it’s not too warm.

Algonquin PP - Mew Lake - Taline and Brent with Linda and Pierre
Pierre’s cousin and her guy were in the area and came to visit.

It’s always a welcome surprise when you learn that someone you know is close by when camping. When my cousin posted on Facebook that they were Algonquin, we invited them over and they came by. Outside of this photo we social distanced.

Algonquin PP - Mew Lake pierre on the table
Pierre is checking the top of the trailer…really!

We were only able to book one night at a time and had to move one campsite over and before that I wanted to make sure that everything on the roof of the trailer was good.

Algonquin PP - Mew Lake - Hector and Puck
First few days of camping and they are already tired enough to sleep together.
Algonquin PP - Mew Lake - Linda and Hector
Linda is trying to fix things and Hector is restless and attempting to find a comfortable place on the cot.

Hector was getting cold on the ground and he’d jump into people’s chairs – Linda bought him a cot. He’s still picky about it.

Algonquin PP - Mew Lake - Night walk
On one of our nightly Hector walks with a full moon…I saw glowing eyes that were as high as me, Hector barked quite a lot at them. It might have been a moose.
Algonquin PP -Mew Lake - our neighbours with the butter flies
After the move, this was our neighbour.

One of the great things about camping is meeting new people and learning new things. We learned quite a bit about monarch butterflies and how to breed them and a few other things as well. The duck was just an incidental visitor.

Algonquin PP - Mew Lake campfire
Cant figure out why I liked taking photos of the campfire without anyone around…but I did.

We had good fires these few days.

Sturgeon Bay PP - camp from the trailer
Sturgeon Bay our site looking in. I think this was the best site in the park.

We drove to meet up with Diane and Kim at Sturgeon Bay Provicial Park and managed to book the best site in the campground. On the bay with few people around.

Sturgeon Bay PP - campsite towards the trailer
The campsite from the other side.

It might have been nice to be able to stay another couple of days. We had this reservation from before we cancelled our Agawa bay trip and there was no availability when we tried to extend the stay. We had a little agenda to make it to Fushimi Lake Provincial Park before it closed then after that our parks were open much longer.

From here we went to Halfway Lake on our journey through Northern Ontario.