Off to Phoenix and Las Vegas

I thought the KOA was expensive!

Apache Junction - KOA camp
The KOA in Apache Junction campsite.

I ended up at Viewpoint Golf Resort that had room. It was very expensive. The first spot I was assigned had a permanent home across the street that was doing some renovations and there was a compressor running so I went back and asked for a different site. They gave me a premium site with the big boys of RVing. Unfortunately, my definition of premium and theirs are far apart. This was a crowded place out in the open and though the sites were big, everyone steps on each other.

Mesa - Viewpoint Golf and RV
The Viewpoint campground – a large site but too crowded for me.

It was a clean place with good showers and facilities. If I was going to be there for some time it would’ve been better that I used the fun stuff they had. 

Lost Dutchman the Organ Stop in Meza
The organist from the Organ Stop.

I went to visit a co-worker from home at the Organ Stop…a fun place with adequate food. 

The next day I went to Valle del Oro where our friends from Chilliwack are staying and we had lunch and spent some time at the pool before going off to a Thai dinner that they unexpectedly picked up. It was great to see them and if I return to Phoenix this trip I will make them pad Thai. That was a late night and I wanted to get an early start the next day.

Packed up, dumped and hooked up and out the gate by nine. Not as early as I’d hoped but enough. It was a long drive to Las Vegas. The plan was to go to Furnace Creek and meet up with Jim and Tammie, but there was no space available when I looked and I thought there might be space at the Red Rock RV campground. I arrived, drove through and all booked up for some time. 

Las Vegas - Sweet Tomato Lady Front garden
The Las Vegas boondock.

I thought since we jointed Boondocker’s Welcome I thought I would look up to see if there was somewhere I could stay. I used the location that came up in Las Vegas and they were available and accommodating.

Las Vegas - Sweet Tomato Lady Garden
A lovely test garden. Well maintained.

After Red Rock I managed to make it and park before dark and had interesting conversations with the hostess.

Las Vegas - Boondock camp
The location and setup worked out great.
Carleton Place - two dogs
Hector and his friend.

Meanwhile, Linda at home is dog sitting and Hector has a playmate. This may end up getting us another doggie at some point.

Las Vegas - Garden Plant Red
Beautiful vegetables in the garden.
Las Vegas - Yellow plant
I love the deep colours in these vegetables.
Nevada - Fossil Ridge Hike
First hike near Red Rock Canyon.

I had come to Las Vegas to hike with our friends Jim and Tammie and they had great hikes prepared.

Nevada - Fossile Ridge hike the three of us
Our group photo at Fossil Ridge.

We hiked Fossil Ridge (Canyon) and it was an exploratory hike to check various routes.

Nevada - Fossil Ridge fossil
The fossil at Fossil Canyon.
Nevada - Fossil Ridge canyon
The view on the return trip on the Fossil Canyon hike.

Another day and another hike.

Nevada - Bootleg Spring in Lovell Canyon view - the spring
Bootleg spring in Lovell canyon.
Nevada - Bootleg Spring in Lovell Canyon view - just Pierre
A great view down the Canyon.
Nevada - Bootleg Spring in Lovell Canyon view panorama
The panorama of the canyon.
Nevada - Bootleg Spring in Lovel Canyon view the three amigos
We three climbed up to the high spot to get a better view of Spring Mountain Ranch and Las Vegas.

It was great hike and a very informative hike. Jim knew a great deal about the area.

Nevada - Bootleg Spring in Lovell Canyon view
Looking down to spring ranch.
Nevada - Bootleg Spring in Lovel Canyon view - hiking group
All of us at the top of the hike.

I love these hike where we are high and we have a vista of Las Vegas.

After the hike we stopped in and received a tour of the Archery Club.

Nevada - Archery Range
If you like field archery the Las Vegas Archers is a fabulous place.

We visited the Las Vegas Archers Field range and that was a fabulous end to the day.

Rain today and thus a blog post.

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