Hiking in Nevada and the panicked world.

Sorry about the last post. Most people didn’t get the post published email. I posted “a sorry for the inconvenience” and that seemed to send out an email…I don’t think I did anything to correct the issue…

Nevada - the boon dock sunset
This was the view from the boondock location…not a bad sunset but worried about the clouds.

There are so many hikes around Nevada and having great hike leader and finders makes it so much fun.

Nevada - the hiking group on Gold Strike Hot Springs
Gold Strike Hot Spring hike group.

Great people to hike with and so much experience makes the hike a lot more fun.

Nevada - one of the bridges near Boulde City
And we start the hike near the bridge to Boulder City, NV.

We were lucky as it had rained quite hard the day before and it was supposed to rain again later this day. A sunny start is always a good sign.

Nevada - Into the valley we go
That is a truck or a car that didn’t quite make the corner above…there were a few of them at the beginning of the trail.

There were a few wrecks along the first part of the route. Even at the start there was a recent wreck from someone not being able to negotiate the corner at the bottom of a hill.

Nevada - Gold Stike canyon
With the morning hike, we get beautiful views and lighting along the side canyons.
Nevada - In the valley at Gold Strike
Here we are enjoying the view…thanks Jim who took the photo.

Even on challenging trails it’s important to make sure to stop and enjoy the scenery. After all that is why we hike isn’t it?

Nevada - Gold Stike - squeeze between rocks
The squeezing begins.

The start of this hike is a lovely and easy downhill. It changes! The rocks and more difficult parts come up soon.

Nevada - Some of the rock scrambling
Then the ropes so that we can get down and more importantly back up. This is the first one…they became much more challenging.

Someone was kind enough to leave ropes and as in the above case someone cut some steps into the rock….not all of them were this easy!

Nevada - one of the high pools
Tammie and Cari found a pool around the middle of the hike, fairly far from the main hot springs…this was nice and warm.

As we worked our way down the trail we started to see more water and behind some rocks was the above pool. Putting a hand it revealed that it was warm but not hot. A quiet place for those who know where it is.

Nevada - three of us at the Colorado River
The three of us made it to the Colorado River in the background.

It was a very challenging hike. The ropes became older and more frayed as well the climbs more challenging thus the bruising increased. I didn’t find some of them until a couple of days later wondering why the top of a knee hurt…big scrape. But it was well worth it to make it to the hot springs….there were quite a few people there…thus no photos of the pools themselves. They are good and hot. This is across the river from the Arizona Hot springs which we did a different year.

Nevada - Ducks enjoying the heat
A different kind of bather in the hot water…these ducks seemed to come in from the very cold Colorado River to get a little warmth.

It was so interesting to see the ducks into the hot water. There was one, not a mallard, in the river proper and didn’t seem to even wan to get into the outflow from the hot spring.

Nevada - Panorama of the hot spring area
A panorama from just above the springs. Lovely colours.
Nevada - Looking up from the hot springs
Looking back at the return trail.

The hike down was challenging – the hike up was more so but differently.

Nevada - Gold Strike Hot Springs alternate path
The alternate route. Those are ladder stairs up the cliff…I just don’t know how old or even if they are safe.

As we started out climb out…we saw this alternate path…I would want tie off ropes before I even try that. But it would be interesting. Like most hikes we’ve been on in this area…a stop at Burger Pit in Boulder City for a late lunch! After lunch and as we arrived in the driveway the rain started and it came down quite hard for many hours after. We were lucky!

Carleton Place - Hector and his bone
Meanwhile at home, Hector has a new bone! Nothing else matters.
Nevada - Jim and Tammie on the hike near Calico
Another day and another hike with Tammie and Jim.

This hike was a big change from the last one. Gentle and relaxing the Peak 3844 trail but it was too windy for us to go to the peak.

Nevada - Hike near Calico
I don’t know what it is about the desert but I think it’s just a great place to hike.

Tammie and Jim took me on this great relaxing hike. So pretty and a good recovery hike from Gold Strike.

Nevada - Tammie leading the hike near Calico
Tammie – the hike leader today.
Nevada - some kind person has created a nice lounge
A friend of Tammie and Jim’s named this place Lettie’s Lounge.

This is a cool spot where someone had made a wonderful seating area with a table and a great chair as well as benches to sit on.

Nevada - Pretty colours on the Calico hike
I love the colours in the desert.

The plant life and how hard the ground is while they all grow; love it!

Nevada - Selfie on Calico Hike
The Selfie! My hair is a mess and the wind doesn’t help.

This was just the right hike for today! It was a cool and windy morning. An easy hike without too much up and down and some great desert scenery.

I am going to leave the area and the panic from this virus is making me more nervous than the virus itself. Shopping has become an adventure with the crowding and the silly level of people buying up all the toilet paper. I am not sure where I will end up but I think cutting this trip short many be better as more people are heading home.