Fall 2020 around Ontario – Part 6

Pancake Bay PP - beach and sunset
Sunset at Pancake Bay Provincial Park.

One of the beautiful things about Pancake Bay is the beach. It’s long and lovely to walk on and watch sunsets. It is a beautiful place to start our return journey home.

Pancake Bay PP - lunch on the beach
Good sunny days in the fall make for fabulous lunches on the beach.

My favourite things about camping in the fall are sunny days that warm up the sand. We sit on the beach with our toes in warm sand and have lunch before the afternoon wind picks up.

Pancake Bay PP - looking at birds on a hike
Hiking, we see something in the tree.

As much as we love going to new places each time, certain parks are the appropriate distance from each other that we end up stopping there on each trip. The cool thing about that is we explore new parts of the park as well as revisiting trails and places we’ve visited before and often find things we’ve overlooked.

Pancake Bay PP - Pierre and Linda on a log
A nice seat on the hike along the beach.

A nice walk along the beach and we found people fishing….so….

Pancake Bay PP - Pierre going fishing
Pierre decided to go fishing.

Thanks to the new waders I was able to join the folk in Lake Superior and tried to catch some fish…no luck there.

Pancake Bay PP - snacks on the beach
Lunch on the beach with our trailer in the back.

This is one of activities that is wonderful at Pancake Bay, sitting on the beach. Our feet in the sand warmed up by the sun. A light breeze to keep away whatever bugs are still around in the fall.

After a good few days we headed towards Chutes Provincial Park as that would be a moderate drive and if necessary we could make it home after. We’ve been to Chutes before and keep stopping there as it’s a good distance from the other parks and there isn’t a whole lot between.

Chutes PP - four of us
Once again a lovely fire and great friends.

We had to make reservations once again as the parks were getting full. We spoke to the warden and she said that this was the first weekend where there any openings.

Chutes PP - chute is bigger now
The river seemed to have so much more water this time.

Once again, we hiked and this time a backwards loop on our regular trail.

Chutes PP - more fun
Great friends and our last night together on this trip.

It’s always sad to be travelling with friends and have to part ways on the way home.

I decided to go fishing again and I caught the guy below. As I was taking the photo it flopped it’s way back into the water and shook off the sand swimming away.

Massey - the fish pierre caught
Chutes PP - our setup

Some alone time hiking.

Chutes PP - Linda on a hike
Linda by the river as the leaves start to turn.
Chutes PP - Linda on the rocks
Linda on the rocks – it’s interesting to see the river change at different times of year.
Chutes PP - our selfie
Or selfie on the river.

And sometime it’s just nice to sit in the trailer.

Chutes PP - Linda in the trailer
Linda reading in the trailer.

We start our journey home and maybe stop somewhere along the way.