Fall 2020 around Ontario – Part 5

Rabbit Blanket PP - our campsite
I was surprised at how nice our site was at Rabbit Blanket; a pull through with a step down as in the photo. There is also a short trail to the lake.

We have been to Lake Superior Provincial Park a few times and only camped at the Agawa Bay campground. We know the campground well and have met up with a group of friends over the years. We have used that camp as a base to explore the park but had missed a hike or two that started at Rabbit Blanket. This year, due to COVID-19, our friends were unable to join us. We looked at Rabbit Blanket and found a couple of sites that could work for us. We reserved them as campsites were disappearing quickly with the number of Ontario campers out this year. We found a good site with a lake view and a short trail to the lake from the camp.

Rabbit Blanket PP - an excited bird
This fellow was trying to impress a little harem that seemed totally unimpressed.

As we wander the campground after setting up I saw the guy above trying to impress without success. He was handsome to us though.

Rabbit Blanket PP - the colours coming out
We hiked the South Old Woman River trail. The colours are just starting to come in.
Rabbit Blanket PP - a gentle scamble
This was a fun hike with some jumping around on rocks to cross the river.
Rabbit Blanket PP - water falls on the hike
It seems everywhere there are beautiful waterfalls.
Rabbit Blanket PP - water once again
I didn’t quite capture it. Maybe I will do a post one day on a study to photograph waterfalls.

We didn’t have time to hike Peat Mountain as that was a long hike and we only had one day there because the campground was full. It’s a shame that we had to move on.

Lake Superior - a boondock find
Looking for a boondocking place we came across this site.

We checked some boondocking websites that we follow which show places to camp for free. Not all of them are gems we’ve found. We stopped at this one and found the abuse of the land has taken its toll; like many of them. I don’t mind the vintage abandoned vehicles as that gives character. The one in the photo above was stuffed with garbage. The trash bags were new enough but I could see that animals had already started to explore the contents.

Off to Pancake Bay.

Pancake Bay PP - our campsite and the colours
We found this unserviced campsite and hoped that we’d receive enough sun to keep up the power.

We arrived at Pancake Bay Provincial Park with plenty of time to find a nice site by the water. I am not fond of making reservations as Ontario Parks charges an additional $9.73 per reservation for the privilege. This year has been Special and we’ve had to reserve for most of the sites as the volume of campers has increased tremendously. We still managed a good site.