A very late spring and packing for the move…

Winter stayed a very long time this year…this post covers from mid April to mid may

Owen Sound Trailer in snow

The trailer was still covered in snow…and looking sad. We missed it and visited it a few times.

Owen Sound frosty boat

Even the Chi-Cheemaun was covered in snow and unable to leave the frozen harbour to turn around.

Owen Sound Red robe Irish Soda Bread

I cooked as the Armenian Red Robe guy with the big hair…this is Irish Soda Bread.

Owen Sound Red Robe fish tacos

This is hand made tortillas for fish tacos.

Owen Sound Linda in the snow angel

Linda is making the most of things with snow angels … it was hard to take a selfie with both of us laying in the snow.

Death Valley from 2008 devils golf course

This was the Devil’s Golf Course in Death Valley…

Owen Sound frozen sound

This is the frozen sound…surprisingly the Death Valley salt formations and the ice looked similar.

Owen Sound visitor centre

Owen Sound used to have big industry and this is the CN train station that is now the visitor centre. In the centre of the photo is a great big wooden ship’s propeller.

Owen Sound Pierre running in snow

Both us us ran in this winter wonderland.

Owen Sound - Tea set at Kemble

We took drives…this is the Women’s Institute Tea set…just south of Kemble.

Owen Sound  Red Robe Boreks

I cooked more…Boureks…

Owen Sound Red Robe Tahini bread

Tahini Bread…and this is why we run…so we can eat it all.

Owen Sound Bruce trail river

The weather warmed and the river rose.

Owen Sound Chi-Cheemaun getting ready to depart

As the weather warmed up the Chi-Cheemaun was able to turn around and prepare for the sunset cruise as well as service up to Tobermory.

Owen Sound Inglis Falls

We hiked to Inglis Falls.

Owen Sound Linda and Pierre at falls trail

It warmed up enough to go out without jackets.

Owen Sound...feeling of spring

The geese started to get together…

Toronto TSO rehersal

A good friend invited us to see the rehearsal for Candide at Roy Thompson hall with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra – such a fun and frivolous pursuit of happiness.

Owen Sound packing

Back in Owen Sound…the packing continued…we thought we’d move some of the more fragile things to our new town – Carleton Place. So we drove out.

Toronto at a freinds house

Parking at a friend’s place to pick up some things…the trailer felt great to have attached again.

Carleton Place flowers

Parked in front of Jim and Eleasa’s place with spring flowers.

Carleton Place at the Moose

A selfie from a night out.

Carleton Place Linda and dragster

They are such wonderful people…Linda is sitting in a drag racer checking it out.

Carleton Place canoe club overflow

The Mississippi River through Carleton Place is overflowing its banks..the docks at the CP Canoe Club has their docks out to prevent them from damage.

Carleton Place Cabano Kitchen

We found a great Mexican restaurant in Carleton Place – Cabano Kitchen and we had a delicious lunch.

Almont after the power station

The Mississippi river – a tributary of the Ottawa river rages past the Almont hydro station.

Glenora Ferry

Continuing our journey we drove along the shores of Lake Ontario…all the way to the Glenora Ferry!