Hello world!

Our adventure begins! In creating this blog, we want to share the experiences of retiring from work and becoming full time recreational vehicle nomads, mostly. We will share our experience, look for and give suggestions to make each others’ lives better, more free spirited and survivable.


We have looked at many others’ blogs:


Cheap RV Living

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The Bayfield Bunch

Interstellar Orchard

They are all quite different and have given us lots of inspiration and advice that we have and will continue adapting to our circumstances. If you are considering the RV Full Time lifestyle, please consider visiting and researching some the above sites.

Our tow vehicle:


Before we chose our tow vehicle we had to know just how much weight needed to be pulled. We researched the daylights out of the trailer size and model and chose a fiberglass trailer that weighs about 2900 lb dry and we figure that we will not load it beyond 4000 lb. The trailer we have bought but not yet picked up is a 2017 Escape trailer and we will explain how we arrived at that trailer and what features we thought we’d like in another blog post.

We had initially thought that a pickup truck would meet all our needs and we started to look at a variety of them. They all would comfortably tow the Escape trailer. As time went by, research went by, and we figured out what style of driving and camping we would do, we decided on the 4 Runner. Lots of humming and hawing by Pierre but eventually and after lots of finding and talking to owners we realized that this vehicle would do us fine. We test drove one and loved it. We negotiated a good deal with the dealer and found a 2016 4Runner trail edition in the colour that we wanted and bought it.

This was the first step in our adventure.

The next step was selling the condominium.

605-280 Simcoe


Next came retirement.




The Adventure Begins as we start our road trip to Chilliwack British Columbia to pick up our 19’Escape trailer…next post…

We look forward to comments and suggestions, and would appreciate an email subscription, that way whenever we post, you’ll know!