Towards home…but not really getting there

I suppose it’s time to start heading home. Tough decision! We thought we’d find a nice place near Winnipeg to camp and we stopped in and bought some corn and vegetables for a nice dinner.

Trans Canada buying corn

We found well reviewed campground on the All Stays App and thought we’d go check it out. As we drove down the road, we thought we had better let someone know where we were as going in felt strange. Once we found the park – and drove in, it was well worth the wait. The park was a serviced campground, though a little tired, but the pricing for what was received was terrific. They even put on a fairly good fireworks display from the contributions of the seasonal campers.

Whitemouth camping

From there, it was a good drive to Kenora and the Anicinabe RV park…going there without reservations on a Saturday was daring, but we managed to get a cancelation campground. It had a beautiful view of the Lake of the Woods and it seemed quiet. We were on a hill overlooking the bay.

Kenora Anicinabe camping

The weather changed and a storm was approaching…the noisy campers next door packed up their family and left…great that we hadn’t moved.
Kenora Linda with Geese and a canoe
We had rain-wear, so we went exploring and the weather improved!

Kenora the train station.

We went on a bike ride to the train station.

Kenora Huskie the Muskie

The famous Kenora “Huskie the Muskie”.

Kenora Anicinabe Campground nice light

When we returned we had fabulous lighting.

Kenora Lake of the Woods sunset

A dramatic Lake of the Woods sunset.

two bears

We made it out west and back without seeing bears…these two we saw well after we returned to Ontario!

Kakabeca falls camping

We found a nice campground at Kakabeka Falls park.

Kakabeka falls 1

Lots of Falls photos below.

Kakabeka Falls themselves

Kakabeka Falls downriver

Looking the other way from the falls. We had a nice short trail walk.

Atlantic Watershed

From the above point all the water goes to the Atlantic ocean.

Rainbow falls Whitehead Lake campground

The next campground was in Rainbow Falls Provincial Park…they had two sections with one on Lake Superior, but that was full when we arrived, we had to drive more to get to this one.

White river Winnie

Who knew that Winnie the Pooh started life here In White River Ontario?

Lake Superior camping fire

Then we found Lake Superior Provincial Park with a beautiful campground and nice campers around us.

Lake Superior camping Pierre by the fire

The wood was wet so here I am drying it against the fire.

Lake Superior Beach sunset

First of the Lake Superior Sunsets.

Lake Superior sunset out the window

So nice looking out the front window of the trailer.

Lake Superior pictographs Pierre on the rock

A short drive to the Pictographs of Lake Superior. The rock was wet beyond where I was and the waves had picked up. I did manage to get some photos though.

Lake Superior pictorgraphs 3

Lake Superior pictographs 2

Lake Superior pictograph wall

Lake Superior Park pictographs 1

Lake Superior Park sunset

And another Sunset.

Lake Superior Provincial Park Sand Lake hike and falls 1

We were told about a nice hike up the Sand River…lots of water falls they said.

Lake Superior Provincial Park Sand Lake hike and falls 2

Lake Superior Provincial Park Sand Lake hike and falls 3

Lake Superior Provincial Park Sand Lake hike and falls 4

Lake Superior Provincial Park Sand Lake hike and falls 5

Lake Superior Provincial Park Sand Lake hike and falls

They weren’t kidding about the waterfalls.

We then made it to Chutes Provincial Park.

Chutes Provincial park camping

Chutes Provincial Park falls

That was the last camping night before heading to our friends’ cottage…