Cochise Stronghold from a familiar place

After the desert we wanted a calm place to relax.

December 15th to the 18th – still hoping to catch up.

Gila Box return campsite with shadow

Gila Box! Calm and beautiful.

Gila Box sun on trees

This place allowed us to head to check out another potential campground. Cochise Stronghold. We found the campground tight even for our little trailer – we only had the truck this time.

Cochise Stronghold Stairs

Where can these stairs lead?

Cochise Stronghold trailhead

A trailhead no doubt.

Cochise Stronghold trail

Cochise Stronghold park looking up

We found these rocks…

Cochise Stronghold another view

Cochise Stronghold view

That one looked like an owl, so we got closer.

Cochise Stronghold owl rock

Still looks like an owl.

There are beautiful and long trails from this campground. We may camp here sometime, though I doubt any availability or desire during peak season.

We returned to Gila Box and the temperatures lowered.

Gila Box visible light scorpion

What do you see in the above photo?

Gila Box UV scorpion

That UV flashlight I bought came in handy!

As the temperature dropped we left and headed South and West…