Camping to make the ferry and the ride to Victoria

More catching up…this is from New Year’s Eve

As we drove up to Washington, the thought occurred to us to go to Port Angelis and take the Blackball ferry…so that’s exactly what we did…with an overnight at Elwah Dam RV park…we have to go back there…such a nice place with good hiking trails nearby.

Elwah - campground sign

They had a beautiful sign and once inside they even had a bird that could talk and get upset if someone did something wrong… named Romeo.

Elwah - Forest and green

For some reason, I find the moss covered trees so very interesting.

Elwah - in the campground

This was the little space our rig fit into.

Elwah - Linda in the forest

Linda on a trail before we head out.

Elwah - More green forest

The branches are beautiful covered in green. We hadn’t seen this type of thing for quite a while.

Elwah - to the dam

A view point overlooking the river.


Port Angelis - panorama

While waiting for the ferry, we climbed some stairs to have this beautiful view.

Port Angelis - mural

They even had a nice mural.

Port Angelis - Coho selfie

Finally on the Coho ferry.

Port Angelis - Coho with ship and mount Vernon in the back

A boat waiting with Mount Vernon in the background.

Port Angelis - on the Coho Pierre with tassel

Linda managed to capture my tassel up in the air.

Port Angelis - Weather in the US

We checked the weather….and apparently it was the same all over the USA…gave me a chuckle.

Port Angelis - ship with Olympic Mountains

A different boat waiting for a berth…the Olympic mountains in the back.

Port Angelis - approching Victoria

The first view of Victoria!

Victoria Harbour

We arrived early enough to be able to reach the campground in daylight.

Victoria - For Victoria Campground

Finally parked in Fort Victoria RV Park a short bus ride from downtown Victoria. Next we start to explore and visit old friends.