Gilbert Ray campground…just past the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

Once we finished with the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, we saw a campground nearby and close to excellent scenery at the Saguaro Forest East area. The Gilbert Ray campground.

Up to December 15th.

Gilbert Ray Campsite

We stayed at the campground and visited a place that Jim and Tammie had suggested on West Gate Drive…for the spectacular sunset it provided. Wow!

Tucson West Gate sun on rocks

I didn’t think there would be so many people there, but it was very busy and not with old people. Young people enjoying the sunset…that made me happy.

Tucson Gilbert Ray Sunset from West Gate Pass Rd

A view of Tucson from there.

Tucson West Gate looking to city

We did a quick trip to the Saguaro National Forest West.

Tucson Gilber Ray Brown Mountain more saguaro forest

Hard to believe…coming from Ontario but this is a thick Saguaro Cactus forest.

Tucson Saguaro National Forest Strange Rock

With some interesting rocks.

and we found some pictographs.

Tucson Gilber Ray Brown Mountain Petroglyphs at Signal point

Tucson Saguaro National Forest Pictographs

Tucson Saguaro National Forest sun pictograph

Interesting how cacti look once they have fallen.

Tucson Saguaro National Forest fallen Saguaro

Tucson Gilber Ray Brown Mountain Cholla that died

The next morning we went on another hike.

Tucson Gilber Ray Brown Mountain Hike with Linda

We started for another morning hike, and I felt a pin on my leg and tried to scratch it…it was a sausage cholla and it found my hand! Interestingly, we’d gone to the visitor’s centre to listen to a talk on mountain lions, cougars etc. that was cancelled – they offered a cactus tour instead and Linda and I went . He explained that one of the types of cholla seems to jump on you and cling (see the photo with one attached to Pierre’s hand) then he explained how to take it off as each of those barbs has a hook and when you take one off, another one will dig in. A comb is good, but for this – pliers – and a very quick and painful yank! The memory of the pain stayed much longer than I expected…measured in days.

Tucson Gilbert Ray Pierre with prickles

Incredible pain.

Tucson Gilbert Ray Brown Mountain

We decided to hike up Brown Mountain Loop Trail.

Tucson Gilber Ray Brown Mountain a twisted saguaro

Tucson city view from the forest

Tucson Gilber Ray Brown Mountain a vew from a hike

Tucson Gilber Ray Brown Mountain tree branch that looked like an animal

As we were walking, I thought this was a big cat in the tree.

Tucson Gilber Ray Brown Mountain Saguaro and Linda

Linda and the Saguaro.

Tucson Gilber Ray Brown Mountain more saguaro forest

Tucson Gilber Ray Brown Mountain a saguaro forest

Sunset for this post…we move on after…

Tucson Gilbert Ray sunset