The Big Catch Up – part 1

It’s been quite a while since we’ve written anything…a whole lot has happened and this post is to bring everything up to date.

Kingston RMC - before the start

The month of June started with a race called the Sri Chinmoy run…we run a 1.1 km loop as many time as we can in 6 hours. It was held at the Royal Military College in Kinston Ontario.

Kingston - RMC Sri Chinmoy race group

The whole group before the run.

Kingston - RMC Sri Chinmoy Linda saying hi

Linda having fun on the run.

Kingston - RMC Sri Chinmoy Pierre zooming

Pierre having fun.

Kingston - RMC Sri Chinmoy the counters

The counting tent…where people counted our circuits.

Kingston - RMC Sri Chinmoy Linda and Pierre wings

Way too much fun.

Kingston - RMC Sri Chinmoy Linda and Pierre having fun

Both of us happy that Linda is on the leader board.

Kingston - RMC Sri Chinmoy Linda running

It’s a long run, but Linda stays happy.


While in Kingston, we met up with a friend from the past. It’s fun watching kids grow up.

Owen Sound - storage unit with bike and trailer

Back to Owen sound and the storage unit with the motorcycle and trailer…we had to ride the motorcycle to Carleton Place and go over some paperwork and revisit the house for insurance.

Peterborough - helmet

We stopped in Peterborough to fuel up…look at that helmet head hair…I laughed so hard when I saw that.

Mississauga - Basil birthday

Basil’s birthday back in town – Mississauga that is.

Mississauga - Basil and the kids
Linda and the siblings with dad.

Fun family stuff!

Maple - Ara and Pierre with mom and dad

Pierre and his parents at his brother’s.

Brighton - sunset on lake ontario

Moving the trailer to Carleton Place we visited friends in Brighton…this was the nearby beach.

Carleton Place -  storage unit

We found a place to hold the trailer until the house closed. Art’s storage.

Owen Sound - ready to move

Back to Owen sound to continue packing…this is not fun.

Owen Sound - Linda golfing
Linda at golf

Mind you…golfing in the middle of packing is a happy thing to do…even if it was the first time we’d golfed in 10 years.

Owen Sound Golfing selfie

Thrilled not to be packing…the golf didn’t quite do it so we drove a friend down to North Hatley.

North Hatley Sign

A beautiful town in the Eastern Townships of Quebec.

North Hatley - the lake

The view from the cottage beach.

North Hatley - St. Barnabus

Why North Hatley…Linda and I married in the quaint little church.

Mt. Orford - Linda on the path up

Of course no trip is complete without a hike up a mountain…we’ll end up at the top of Mount Orford.

Mt. Orford - Linda at the top

Not quite there, but the view is getting better.

Mt. Orford - Selfie

The shameless selfie at the top of the ski hill.

Mt. Orford - linda on top arms outstreched.

Linda at the top…well…pretty close.

Mt. Orford - boardwalk trailhead

The boardwalk.

Mt. Orford - boardwalk panorama

The panorama from the boardwalk.

North Hatley - Orford ski map

We’ll have to ski this one day.

North Hatley - Orford mountain

We climbed all the way to the antennas at the top. Lots of fun…on the return they were setting up for Ribfest! 

North Hatley - Round Barn

Quebec still has some beautiful round barns and at this one we get our maple syrup.

Stainstead - garden with Linda and Colin

A nice lunch in a park in Stanstead Quebec.

Stanstead - Rock Island


Stanstead - the US

The cool thing about that town is the border runs through it! The stage of the theatre is in Canada and the audience in the USA.


Back to reality…the Armenian Red Robe guy with the Big Hair made Mexican tamales.

Owen Sound - filling the U-Haul

Moving day…the U-Haul is loaded and we’re ready to head to our new home in Carleton Place.