What’s this white stuff? Sand…from Gypsum

After our hike, the next day we went to White Sands National Monument. When we were at Oliver Lee State Park, the ranger suggested we try sliding down the sand dunes with a disc…they had one they could lend out and we took it.

White Sands Entrance

The entry building was an adobe style and geared for a lot of people to come through.

As we drove in – the oddness of the place was overwhelming.

White Sands road in

The roads are white and looked just like plowed SNOW! There is no wheel slide on the truck whatsoever.

White Sands Pierre arms out

Outside in a T-Shirt, barefoot…I probably should have worn shorts.

White Sands Linda on the trail

Linda even was walking around in bare feet.

White Sands along the trail

White Sands dead tree and cactus

White Sands dunes with shrubs

White Sands dunes

White Sands fallen tree

Some of the most interesting scenery was on a nice short trail. Then we tried out the dune sliding disc.

Boy that was fun.

White Sands Linda and Pierre with tree

Found someone to take our photo.

White Sands Linda on top of dune

Linda on top of a dune.

White Sands Linda on top of the dune

A bigger dune…looks huge…these dunes are gypsum, not silica…similar to streetcar sand.

White Sands lone tree

A couple of tree photos.

White Sands Tree and Bush

White Sands Yucka and other suculents

The selfie…

White Sands selfie

Then we found a lake bed that dries up and things crystallize.

White Sands Playa

White Sands Playa crystals

They call that type of lake a Playa.

White Sands picknick area

They even had a picnic area.

Then on the return to Oliver Lee state park we were being followed by giant strawberries.

White Sands being chased by giant strawberries

Oliver Lee at sunset with the trailer

Finally back at camp near sunset…the site looks good.

Oliver Lee at Sunset plant


Oliver Lee at sunset

Then the sunset.

Oliver Lee sunset through cactus


Oliver Lee our evening sky

…and off to Arizona…

Arizona Welcome