Nipigon and leaving Ontario to Saskatchewan

We left for Dryden early from the hotel in Nipigon…no cabin this time…pet friendly included fleas. The bed was comfortable and it was a quiet night even though it was by the highway.

Terry Fox Memorial in Thunder Bay

It was an easy drive to Thunder Bay where we stopped at the Terry Fox memorial. It’s a well designed and well maintained place that overlooks the city,

Dryden Buck and Eagle

When we arrived in Dryden we had to take photos of the Big Buck and now its companion the eagle too.

The 4 sides of Dryden Mosaic

Dryden 4 benches

Just behind the motel was a trail that lead us to these four benches and the mosaic building…it’s built with ceramic pieces from items donated by the people Dryden. It looked beautiful in the sun …the four benches are the seasons and when a person sits and looks at the mosaic building it’s very peaceful…

Beaver tree fall

There was an enthusiastic beaver that pulled down a sizeable tree on the trail.

Beaver tree stump

River at Dryden 1

River at Dryden

The other interesting thing is a suspension bridge over the river…it’s a cute bridge but it doesn’t go anywhere…still fun to walk on and take photos of the river.

Wilson Bridge at Dryden

The room…well…again pet friendly including fleas and the person in the room beside us chain-smoked and talked until after 11…our room stank of smoke…we had found a restaurant beside the motel called The Diamond. The new manager had acquired it about four weeks prior to our arrival…great food and fun service…

Centre of Canda

The room was bad enough that we were awake by 6 and out of there by 7 to have breakfast at the restaurant nest door…perfect eggs and bacon and good coffee. Even the cat sulked after that night. On the road to Manitoba…I’ve travelled across the country a few times and had missed the middle of the country sign.

Prairie silos

Prairie Railway

An uneventful drive led us to Portage La Prairie. Linda had chosen a local motel that had a nice smelling room, spacious and clean. Close enough to shopping that we were able to get a nice pizza from Little Caesar’s and wine from the liquor store then have a nice picnic in the room watching TV.

Big coke can

The morning took us to the world’s largest Coke can on the way out of Portage la Prairie.

Linda Driving

Linda hadn’t driven for a few years and is now having lots of fun.

Linda driving

We left Regina after a good night at the nearby Creekside Pub…rough morning!…as we approached Moose Jaw, on the side of the road was a moose…

Moose on the side of the road in Saskatchewan copy

Then we had to check out the Thunder Creek Heritage Marshes…a Ducks Unlimited wetland.

Road to a Ducks Unlimited protected area

Linda at the shore of the marsh

Linda just hanging out at the above location.

We have now arrived at Medicine Hat and are getting ready for Thai food….Tomorrow we head to BC and hope that the way is clear…