North to the Superior Shore…

A night in Serpent River was less noisy than I thought especially as the small cabin was about a hundred meters from the road. We must have been very tired as Linda says I was snoring to beat the band shortly after I put my head down.

Serpent River Campground

We’d slept in and left at checkout time…around eleven…we wanted to stop in Sault St. Marie to pick up a product called Termin-8R that Ewen had recommended to use in the electrical contacts to prevent corrosion.


Ewen is an excellent source of information for us newbies besides being a great drinking companion when we can. When I asked the fine gentleman at the counter about it at Traction Heavy Duty Truck Parts, he also thought it performed significantly better than the other products to warrant the higher price.

Chippewa falls

We arrived at Chippewa falls for a nice lunch. We had extra food in the refrigerator in Owen Sound and brought it along…somehow we managed to leave the ice packs in the freezer so we had to eat what was left. Blue cheese from St. Benouis du Lac monastery for me and various other cheese for Linda as she is not fond of blue cheese. A quick walk to the falls garnered us the photos; however, the cat did not take advantage of the rest stop to do his business. We were starting to worry at this point…it has since been remedied all on its own.

We headed out to Wawa…no even though we passed the goose we didn’t take any photos this time….too many people…last time we were here was a couple of years ago in October and photos were easy to take…


We stopped at Wawa RV and checked out our small cabin. Once again, in sleeping bags but sheltered and the cat was comfortable enough. I drove into town to get us food and found that there was BBQ chicken and salads and some water on sale. We had a lovely dinner with some apple cider…it was too buggy and had to eat inside. A fire after dinner made the fire and the bugs subsided…we had fed them well too. Puck became a little braver and made his way outside…sorry no photos. He was out without a leash for a minute before finding the way under the cabin…we managed to coax him out with some catnip…back on the leash he goes…

Linda at the fire

Serpent River

Nick had asked about trailer photos and here are some from when Escape Trailers sent us photos as they started to build ours.



Wawa RV was just a place to stay and we left for Nippigon…stopped at a Robin’s Doughnuts.

Robin's Dougnuts

Then Aguasabon waterfall in Terrace Bay.

Aguasabon River gorge

I wanted to try a video link as well…

Seems to work…and off we went to have lunch at the beach.

Terrace Bay Beach

and puck is starting to get used to his leash.

Puck Getting Used to a leash

The sun had come out and Lake Superior has some spectacular vistas that I can’t capture in photos.

Lake Superior View 2

We ended up in Nipigon and there is a river here…can anyone remember the NFB film “Paddle to the Sea”?

Paddle to the Sea

This is where it started.

Maybe I am getting used to retirement…

Pierre fishing

The sun is holding out and the driving is nice…we’re off soon to Dryden…