Back in Ontario for fall

Catching up is fun isn’t it…we’re still in August on this blog and here at home there is a lot of snow on the ground in December.

Rushing River - Santa Carolina Box
As we were leaving Manitoba we found this in white and red.

Interesting that we went to check out the Manitoba Liquor store and found some nice wine in 3 liter boxes…and it was on sale. We headed for Rushing River Provincial Park.

Rushing River - campsite
We set up our camp at the top of a hill.

We drove through Kenora and had made a reservation for an electrical site at Rushing River Provincial Park. Once there we found the electrical sites very close together and crowded. We decided to go exploring and found a nice open campsite at the top of a hill, away from the crowd and with full sun. We arrived early enough to get some work done on the trailer.

Escape Trailer - sprayfoam damage
Sprayfoam insulation worn off from driving on gravel.

Between Grasslands West and Grasslands East National Parks we drove on more than one hundred kilometres of gravel roads, and besides taking off the black tank handle, the trip and gravel thrown wore down the spray foam insulation to the pipes. I was very concerned that more gravel roads would damage the pipe costing a lot in repair.

Rushing River - expanding foam fix
Holding the spray foam in place while it hardened and dried.

We stopped at a hardware store and I bought some spray insulation. At Rushing River Provincial Park I started the fix but found the foam wouldn’t stick once it became thick…with paper and duct tape a temporary mold was made and it seemed to work.

Rushing River - expanding foam fixed
Final version with paper still stuck on the foam.

It worked and I felt the black tank piping was protected. (have since added more and made it look a little nice. Not worried about gravel roads once again.

Rushing River - evening view of the lake
Nice view of the lake at dusk on a walk with Hector.

It was a lovely campsite with good views and not many people around.

Caliper Lake - Sign
Caliper Lake - our campsite
Our campsite at Caliper Lake.

We probably should have stayed at Rushing River for two nights, but we’d reserved a site at Caliper Lake Provincial Park for two nights. Once we arrived we realized that the site we had chosen had no privacy and was squished together with many others. We drove around until we found this unserviced site. The site was nicely secluded and close to the water and drinking water. We managed to park in a way that we didn’t see the road from the trailer.

Caliper Lake - Hector finding water
Hector seems to like drinking out of the lake. Getting only his front paws wet suits him fine.
Caliper Lake - Linda found the bigest tree on our nature walk
Linda found the largest tree in the park.
Caliper Lake - without dog
The park ended up suiting us well.

When we’d first arrived at Caliper Lake we thought it wasn’t going to be a good experience, but the place grew on us and wandering around the dry camping sites found some lovely sites.

Caliper Lake - Pierre on the computer
Even without a hook-up the trailer provided enough power. Calm and not too buggy.
Rushing River - black tank and camera and foam
The Camera still works 🙂

It was a good fix for the problem. We continued to look for a good handle.