On track at Aaron Provincial Park

Our reservation was waiting when we arrived at Aaron Provincial Park.

Aaron - sign
It was a nice sign but we didn’t see any jays there.

Many years ago when I tent camped, I thought how cool it would be to camp at all the provincial campgrounds. Aaron was literally at the top of the list, but not figuratively. It would have been too far to travel for a weekend away from Toronto.

Aaron - The campsite
Site number 47 was a nice one…a little secluded in a crowded park.

The site was easy to back in to and we did a fine job of setting up.

Aaron - Campsite all set up Pierre relaxing
Just relaxing after set-up.

There are nice clean bathrooms behind the site…no we couldn’t smell them…but there were trails leading to them that we thought others might use. We put the screen tent to block one and the picnic bench to block the other. It worked quite well.

Aaron - from the small bridge looking at the highway
On one of our hikes we found the highway and a little waterfall.

The trails at Arron didn’t seem well used but we managed to take one to a little waterfall.

Aaron - waterfalls
The little waterfall.

It was an easy trail that finished up at the park entrance. Met a couple of people on the trail and that made us happy to see it used.

Aaron - Thunder Lake
The afternoon trail led us to different parts of the park.
Aaron - Linda and Hector at Thunder Lake
Hector was enjoying the walk at Thunder Lake too.
Aaron -  Pierre and Hector
Pierre was a little worried that Hector would pull him into the lake…but Hector was worried that Pierre might push him into the lake.
Aaron -  Pierre found the wine after dinner
Found the wine.

We hiked in the morning, after lunch and a final dog walk after dinner.

Aaron - Thunder Lake Panorama
Managed to get a nice sunset in at the dog beach too.

After the dog beach we thought the animals would be tired.

Aaron - Cat and Dog
They were nicely worn out meaning we would get a good night of sleep too.
Aaron - mushroom
Some kind of mushroom on the trail behind the campsite.
Aaron - mushroom ultraviolet
Under the UV light it fluoresced.

While in Arizona I had to have an ultraviolet light to be able to find scorpions…so cool…I started to use to at other times too in order to find out what lights up. This is what I found this time.

We head to Manitoba next…though we’re not really sure where we’ll spend the next few nights.