Travelling North and getting colder.

The weather was sort of good as we headed north…it would be hovering around freezing once we entered Illinois and might even stay above freezing in Sarnia. Those are overnight temperatures as we have daytime temperature above freezing all the way home…that’s why we are heading home a week earlier than planned.

This catch-up post should get us current.

Travelling - Cracker Barrell

We found this Cracker Barrel in Springfield, Missouri and all the RV spots were taken with cars parked. We parked in a far corner of the lot until the RV spots became available again.

Travelling - Dinner at CB

Battered and deep fried shrimp….yum.

Travelling - collision near Springfield MO

A collision messed up traffic.

Travelling Collision near Springfield MO 1

I had forgotten how long it takes to investigate and remove the vehicles. It delayed us, but not too bad as the crew managed to keep one lane open.

Travelling - the Arch of Saint Louis

Passing through Saint Louis and the Arch.

Travelling - Pierre and the Arch of Saint Louis

Linda had to take this photo.

Travelling - Double J camp

We found an excellent campground with full hookups just south of Springfield, Illinois called the Double J Campground. They had excellent reviews and after we’d stayed, we agreed with those reviews. Clean and spacious bathrooms. Clean and spacious sites. Easy hook ups and the staff went out of their way to make this a great experience. We emptied all our water and the grey and black tanks. This made it winterized for travel and we stopped worrying about the temperature dropping below freezing.

Travelling - Double J Camp photo

We loved this sign leaving Double J Campground. The reminder is such a cool idea.

Travelling - Largest Covered Wagon

We passed the largest covered wagon…though they had taken the cover off. Is that the driver texting?

Travelling - Paw Paw

We stopped in Paw Paw.

Travelling - another Cracker Barrel

We ended up camping at yet another Cracker Barrel in Battle Creek, MI. for the night. Simple and level and familiar food – they open early enough that the facilities are available.

Travelling - winter scene

Driving into winter.

Travelling - Bridge to Canada

Here we go.

Travelling - Signs on the bridge

We don’t use our Nexus card when travelling with the trailer. That way if we forget something we still get to keep our card.

Travelling - Sarnia

Arriving in Sarnia.

Travelling - Sarnia Casino

We camped at the Casino – still under construction from November when we were there on our travels down. We went in, played a little, then back to the trailer. We had good internet with the MiFi and started to check on the weather. It didn’t look good! Snow was on its way. We talked and made a decision to hightail it back to Owen Sound.

Travelling - Bayfield

As we passed Bayfield we were reminded of The Bayfield Bunch.

We arrived in Owen Sound around 7:30 pm and unloaded the Escape trailer then had made arrangements to store it overnight. The next day we arranged more suitable storage.

The snow arrived and we were thrilled that we had accomplished the drive and unloading for this trip before the weather changed. We managed to do some shopping and renew our library cards so that we have access to ebooks and audio books during our trips.

To celebrate we went to a fun local pub called Jazzmyn’s.

Travel - Jazzmyns