Made it to Lake Superior Provincial Park

A wonderful trip covering September 4th to the 12th at Lake Superior Provincial Park.

Lake Superior Park sunset panorama

A spectacular sunset that a photo cannot do any justice to.

Some of the wonderful things about Lake Superior Provincial Park in September are the peace and quite and the beautiful sunsets we find. Last year when we stopped there on our return trip from out west we met some wonderful people and thought it would be nice to see them again this year. We’ve grown a little wiser and don’t drive as much each day any more thus the last post’s drives.

Lake Superior Park Agawa bay campsite 1

After we set up the trailer and leveled, we put up the screen tent off to the left and that gave us a much larger living space…not that we needed it, but it was nice to have somewhere screened to sit.

Lake Superior Park - Nokomis trail is a heart

One of the first hikes we did was this one called Nokomis (used to be called the Old Woman Bay trail) – interestingly the trail is heart shaped when viewed from above.

Lake Superior Park - Old Woman Bay trailhead

The trailhead is on the other side of highway from the parking lot and we will end up climbing to the top of the ridge on the right.

Lake Superior Park from the top of Old Woman Bay hike

One of the views from the top of the hike overlooking the bay.

Lake Superior Park Linda at Old Woman Bay on a rock

Linda enjoying the wonderful scenery. This was a wonderful hike.

Lake Superior Park Nokomis Trail selfie

Our shameless selfie.

Lake Superior Park adventure Puck

Back at the camp, puck decided to wander as well.

Lake Superior Park another sunset

Yes, there will be lots of sunset photos from this fabulous campground.

Lake Superior Park Linda on the beach

The mornings are pretty good too. Linda having a PJ walk.

Wawa goose

We had to drive to Wawa for a few supplies and a trip to Wawa is not complete without a visit to the Goose.

Lake Superior Park bicycle trail end

Back at the camp, we rode our bikes along the trail until we hit the “No-Bicycles” sign. The rest of that trail went to an old group campsite under rehabilitation.

Lake Superior Park Bill Mason Plaque

I remember watching Bill Mason movies of him canoeing and was touched by the dedication rock.  You can see his movies on the National Film Board website. Here is a link to Waterwalker about Lake Superior.

Lake Superior Park -sunset behind clouds

As the grey day cleared, this was our dramatic sunset.

Lake Superior Park- Steps on Orphan Lake Trail

A nice wooden bridge on the Orphan Lake hike.

Lake Superior Park -All of us at the end of the Orphan Lake trail

Last year when we camped at Lake Superior Provincial Park, we met these lovely people. This year, they were there once again and we went on a wonderful hike on the Orphan Lake trail to a rocky beach on the coast of Lake superior. They were great company and Linda and I enjoyed hiking with them. They showed us this fabulous beach and we had a picnic lunch. They went for a swim…the water was ridiculously cold and both Linda and I declined.

Lake Superior Park - bay at the end of Orphan Lake trail

A big beautiful beach all to ourselves.

Lake Superior Park - at the Lake with freinds Orphan Lake trail

The loose small rock make for challenging hiking but they warm up nicely. When we sat down for the lunch the rocks were toasty warm.

Lake Superior Park -Orphan bay the two of us

A nice photo of us taken by one of our friends.

Lake Superior Park Orphan Lake Linda

One of the overviews from the hike.

Lake Superior Park - sunset with canoe

Someone with a canoe at sunset.

Lake Superior Park Linda no more rocks

We went hiking on the coast and found some rocks.

Lake Superior Park alien in the rocks

This little puddle had an alien look to it.

Lake Superior Park Linda balancing on rocks

It was lots of fun scrambling all over, trying not to fall in.

Lake Superior Park rocky shore

This area didn’t look real…the water was as blue as the sky.

Lake Superior Park-Linda on rocks at point

Lots of rocks. I imagine on a hot and windy day having the spray of the great lake cooling a person just enjoying the view.

Lake Superior Park - washed up tree trunk on the lake

There is fabulous driftwood on the shores of Lake Superior as well.

Lake Superior Park daring puck

And puck gets braver!

Lake Superior Park waterfall

The Sand River hike has many waterfalls along the route.

Lake Superior Park- Sand river falls

Lake Superior Park Sand river waterfall panorama

Lake Superior Park Sand river waterfall mist

The hike was quite a few kilometres and we found this sign on the trail.

Lake Superior Park Sand river washroom sign


Lake Superior Park Sand River trail comode

That is cool. You could be out in the woods and have a lovely commode to muse upon.

Lake Superior Park Sand River Canoe route

We made it to the end of the trail and the portage route sign…it was farther than listed on the trail map for the hike.

Lake Superior Park Sand river more waterfalls

Just in case we forgot a waterfall.

Lake Superior Park - sand river selfie

The Sand River Shameless selfie.

Lake Superior Park Campsite 2 dry camping

Once our friends left, we changed campsites to one on the lake but no services. We hoped the couple of days would be sunny as the new location had trees that would block the solar from receiving sunshine.

Saving an insect

Puck liked the new camp as he could go to the sand without crossing a road; as did this insect feeding on the sugary drip.

Lake Superior Park Campsite fire and sunset

A fire with the sunset is fabulous – in September when the temperature drops as the sun disappears behind the horizon, the fire is warming.

Lake Superior Park Grouse in the camp

As we were leaving for our next hike, this fellow and his companions that were faster visited our camp.

Lake Superior Park wonderful mushrooms - not edible

The Trapper Trail had some beautiful looking mushrooms that one should not eat. One of these days we’ll go out with a mushroom expert to help us determine what is possible.

Lake Superior Park- Trapers lake trail

A view of the small lake or bog (depending on the season) on the trail.

Lake Superior Park - Traper Trail

More on the trail.

Lake Superior Park - tarper trail lake

It was such a lovely day.

Lake Superior Park just another wonderful view

We walked more on the lake side and once again…spectacular scenery and cool rocks.

Lake Superior Park-Big orange sunset

We loved the beautiful Superior Sunsets! We’ll be back next year…

The time came to return home…back to Chutes and the journey back next…