Arriving at Grasslands East Block and some trailer issues.

The drive was about 160km or 100 miles and most of it was on gravel roads. We encountered free range cattle along the way, mud and all sorts of rough road conditions.

Grasslands East Block - brake cable ties broken
Brake cables loose as the gravel cut through the cable ties.

As we put down the stabilizers at the Rock Creek campsite of the East Block I noticed that the brake cables were hanging down from the front axle as well as at the wheels. I remembered that this had happened in Arizona as well and I knew that we had spare ties in the toolkit. No big deal. We’d get to it another day.

Grasslands East Block - Black Tank handle
Black tank handle missing.

This was the next discovery. The handle of the black tank was missing. I am guessing that the constant pounding of gravel on the bottom of the handle unscrewed it and there is a beautiful metal handle on the road between the east and the west. This might be a problem.

Grasslands East Block - Sprayfoam worn off
The spray foam insulation has exposed part of the black tank.

Then I noticed how much of the spray foam insulation was missing exposing the piping and part of the black tank. I don’t know how much pounding the tanks and pipe can take from the sharp gravel. I’ll have to think about it.

Grasslands East Block - Double Rainbow
Double rainbow after we’d settled in and had our welcome thunderstorm….free car and trailer wash.

I had forgotten how windy Grasslands was and we’d chosen a site far from the crowd. The dino-fest was on and the ribbon cutting of the Badlands Parkway. A torrential downpour happened after we’d set up…cleaning the dust off both the trailer and the car…then we were treated to spectacular double rainbows. Everything is going to be OK.

Grasslands East Block - Linda Hector and Puck on a walk
Hector, Linda and Puck on their morning walk.

I still find it amazing that Puck likes to go for a walk with the Hector and Linda. Brand new place and they all went out for their morning walk. Not too far as Puck starts to get concerned.

More on Grasslands next.