All the way to Chilliwack

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Medicine Hat was just a stopover; we had chosen our hotel there because of the Thai restaurant across the street and we were both looking forward to the wonderful food. We had stopped at this hotel about two years ago when we travelled across the country on the motorcycle.

We were the guests of the day! We received some little treats in the green bag. Thanks Home Inn Medicine Hat Hotel.

Home Inn treat

Sadly the restaurant was closed….take out from the local grocery store.. but it was tasty.


The morning was rain filled and we didn’t even stop at the giant teepee. The photo above is from two years ago on the motorcycle trip.

The rain became torrential as we approached Calgary… last time we took the bypass…this time we went through the centre of town…it wasn’t rush hour and it seemed so much faster.

This was in Field, BC and overkill for a 5th wheel.

5th wheel overkill

The rain continued all the way to Banff then slowly diminished. I could smell the smog much earlier than Linda, but the hue of the sky really gave it away. The haze became worse as we headed West towards Field then onto Golden.

Field BC view

Field BC view 2

Field selfie with train

Field was small. Then on to Golden for the night. We walked through the centre of the city…where we should have stayed…and found this pedestrian bridge that was the world’s longest free standing covered pedestrian timber bridge…pretty good construction history.

Golden Pedestrian Brdige

This was the first time in many many years that we’d travelled during the tourist season and we were reminded that everything is very crowed and even though as individuals we are caring and courteous – during tourist season obnoxious behaviour is something we all are forced to tolerate.

We stayed at a “tired” hotel that seemed to have staffing issues, but all was well with our room and the haze from the wild fire wasn’t too bad. We weren’t allowed to keep the cat alone in the room so when we went into town the cat came along…not totally unhappy but stayed curled up in his carrier.

We left town and did a few stops. Craigellachie, BC the “Last Spike” and its cairn.

Last Spike

We then stopped in Revelstoke and checked out the Railway Museum.

Revelstoke Rail Museum

Steam Engine 5468

RRM Snow plow

Then we went on to Chase, BC…the haze had started to clear up and we could see mountains. We had reservations at the Jade Mountain Hotel in Chase…we passed it and it looked tired…it was prepaid…we went into town and thought about carrying on to Kamloops then decided to go and have a look at it…Unlike the one in Golden that looked good on the outside, this one looked a little run down…the owner was very amiable and the room was clean, comfortable and had a beautiful view.

View Jade Hotel

We liked it there…we drove into town and bought dinner and brought it back. We sat on the terrace overlooking the above scene and had Puck come out and join us.

Puck after his walk

I thought if I took him out for a little walk he would feel better.

Puck and Groundhog

He sat down… below him…was a terrified groundhog…Puck was oblivious…pissed off and nervous we guess. All ended well and the groundhog left down the hill.

Today we drove from Chase to Chilliwack and found that Highway 1, the Trans Canada was closed a little west of Kamloops due to the wildfires… we drove down Highway 5 to Hope then over to Chilliwack. We stopped at the trailer place to see if we could get a peek…no luck. Then over to have a brake controller installed….

Now the anticipation for our orientation session and the trailer pickup tomorrow morning….

Below is the trailer being built and if you click on the photo, it will take you to the Flickr album and it will show the various stages of construction.
2017 Escape 19