The Lost Dutchman…we didn’t find gold though…

Lost Dutchman State Park on the trip to Phoenix November 30th to December 3rd…

Lost Dutchman panorama of the mountain

These are the Superstition Mountains and one of the trails climbs up to a formation called the FlatIron…it looks like an old metal iron.

Lost Dutchman the Superstition Mountains

So we started on a hike…The Saguaros made me feel like I was in a western movie.

Lost Dutchman Treasure loop trail

We climbed up towards some other trail before returning to the Syphon Trail.

Lost Dutchman down to the campsite view

Looking back towards our campsite and Apache Junction.

Lost Dutchman Linda between boulders

We found a couple of very large rocks.

Lost Dutchman Linda on the Prospector View trail

On the trail looking down.

Lost Dutchman a long way up the Syphon Draw trail

Lost Dutchman from the Basin

Lost Dutchman at the Basin a strange beetle

Found this strange flying thing.

Lost Dutchman Syphon Draw Basin

Then evening arrived and the Saguaro looked lonely.

Lost Dutchman  Saguaro Cactus

The morning was just lovely.

Lost Dutchman  view from teh campsite

Then onto another hike.

Lost Dutchman a green rock

Lost Dutchman big boulders

More rocks.

Lost Dutchman big rock formations

We had planned on one trail, then someone said there was a view…soooo….

Lost Dutchman big rocks

Then on the walk…

Lost Dutchman biplanes flying overhead

a couple of bi-planes flew by.

Lost Dutchman just a panorama

Some of the climb had lots of rocks.

Lost Dutchman Linda on the Rocks

Lost Dutchman looking back from Syphon Draw

Interesting skies too…

Lost Dutchman nice clouds

Lost Dutchman Treasure Loop trail

Lost Dutchman just scenery

Then retuning back to the campground below us.

Lost Dutchman Linda on the Prospector View trail

Then someone suggested a drive towards Tortilla Flats and the scenery was once again – Wow!

Lost Dutchman past Tortilla Flats Canyon view

Lost Dutchman past Tortilla Flats canyons

Lost Dutchman up in the hills

Then the next day’s hike started with this guy.

Lost Dutchman that's a big grasshopper

Lost Dutchman the Superstition Mountains

Lost Dutchman Saguaro and the rock

In the last couple of posts I had talked about our bicycles and the rack that was destroying them…This is what it looked like before.

Lost Dutchman Bike Rack messed up

One of the places to go in Phoenix was an REI…where we picked up a new and functional bike rack.

Lost Dutchman Bike Rack NEW

We then drove to a beautiful and fully serviced campsite in Mesa to meet up with friends.

Lost Dutchman one of the other RV parks at sunset with pink clouds

We went to a place called the Organ Spot…where the organ was Amazing! One person, playing a lot of instruments with an organ and lights to light up the active instruments. Lots of fun.

Lost Dutchman the Organ Stop in Meza

Next we head to our first boondock of the trip and the excitement of OK corral.