Visiting old friends and places

We were in Toronto to have a follow up visit at Sunnybrook Hospital. Strange, well maybe normal. As we age small things creep up and need to be looked after. It was a busy day at the hospital and the wait was longer than anticipated. I went with hector to the busy dog park that didn’t work out so we found a secluded spot farther from the hospital to bide our time.

Toronto - Sunnybrook coach house
This is a coachhouse far from the hospital. It was a pretty good place to hang out waiting for Linda.

Hitching up again and heading to a friends’ place near Owen Sound. It’s so good to see friends that we haven’t seen in many months or years.

Berkley - Up the driveway
A view up the driveway where we parked the trailer. Friends are wonderful and we are thankful for them.

We had missed our friends and a visit was in order. We even saw pals I hadn’t seen in 10 years.

Berkley - 4 OTC
We had all worked together in the Operations Training Center at the same time many years ago. Now we’re all retired!
Berkley - Reunion
The whole gang.

It was a great day to meet up with everyone and say hi to the world.

Berkley - Linda walking on the road with Hector
Hector and Linda on a rural road. The dog loved all the new smells.
Berkley - Hector and the watchers
At dinner time our wonderful hosts’ cats were stuck in the bedrooms…they are peeking out at Hector calmly laying on the floor – perhaps conspiring.
Berkley - freinds with class C
Friends with a lovely class C motorhome.

In the morning our friends with the motorhome left and Linda took Hector and Puck out for a walk to the back of the property.

Berkley - Hector followed by Puck
Hector leading and Puck following … sans leash. Yippee!
Berkley - Freinds on the trail
Friends on a tall trail

We walked on a cool ATV trail they had made to the back of the property to join up with the main trail.

Craigleith - parking and waiting
Off site parking as we wait for our campsite to clear.

We arrived at Craigleith Provincial Park after picking up groceries and wanted to change sites as the one that we’d reserved wasn’t at all pretty. Since we had arrived early, we had to wait to the camp to clear and we found a place to park so that we could start to prepare our dinner.

Craigleath - campsite 195
Our campsite at Craigleith #195 – waterfront with a nice view of Georgian Bay

We parked so that when we looked out the main windows all we’d see was the water and trees. The site was across from the camp office so it was busy during the day but great in the evening for our dinner.

Craigleith - Freinds
Great to see and have dinner with a cool ex-coworker and meet his spouse. A wonderful dinner.

It was so good to meet up again and have dinner overlooking the bay. A campfire completed the night and we all hoped that we’d meet again when we returned from this adventure.

Today – we are not sure where we’ll end up as we head out.