Travelling days and different camping

Once we left Aaron Provincial Park we had planned on staying at an interesting place we’d stayed in a couple of years ago on our return from picking up the trailer. There was a lot of construction on the Trans-Canada Highway and somehow we missed it…not everything is on the GPS. We found a Passport America Campground named Rock Garden.

Richer - Rock Garden campground
The entrance sign.

Unfortunately we had forgotten that it was a long weekend and the PA rates did not apply. It was a little more than we’d anticipated to pay. It was a fully serviced site.

Richer - Campsite at Rock Garden
Site 85 at Rock Garden.

It was a tight site for our 42 ft total length…including bicycles. The park had a lot of people, I mean a LOT of people with kids on bicycles and all sorts of things. There was a lovely nature trail that we took advantage of and for most of the time it was mosquito free…for the late dog walk on the other hand the mosquitos found us.

Gladstone - Happy Rock
We had to make a stop for the Gladstone photo.

After we left Richer we stopped at Gladstone. We now stop for lunch somewhere along the way as it breaks up the drive nicely and gives Hector a chance to stretch and expel some energy among other things.

Minnedosa - Campsite
The Minnedosa campground on the lake was fantastic.

We drove to Minnedosa in the morning and went to the Minnedosa Beach Campground. We were able to get a lakefront site that was unserviced and didn’t have a lot of shade – great for our solar panel. I have found that when we use the AC system with the inverter, it works so much better if we have full sun. By the time I’ve done everything I want to do the batteries are still fully charged for the night.

Minnedosa - Pierre cooking with Hector watching
“If you drop one of those burgers, I won’t tell” he says.

It was a clean and quiet park. Lots of activity on the lake during the day but at dusk all of it stopped. We had a good time there that included a nice fire…the wood was included in the $25 fee and we appreciated that whole heartedly.

Trailer - wine in the fridge
Kelly from The Bayfield Bunch wondered about wine in our fridge. As you can see it can hold bottles as well as tetra-packs of wine amongst other beverages.

We drove past a sign that told us of a point of interest, so we stopped.

Marchwell - heritage site
A Marchwell cairn.

Marchwell looked and felt like a ghost town. We didn’t stay long.

Marchwell - cairn
The top plaque of the cairn.
Marchwell - abou the town
The bottom plaque at the cairn.

The town was an interesting place at one time, but like so many, when the passenger trains stop servicing towns, the towns deteriorate. A similar fate occurs these days when a town by-pass is created.

We moved on to Yorkton.

Yorkton - campstie
The Camp at Yorkton. Interesting but noisy.

We had seen on the map that this campsite was close to town and thought it would be a nice place to stay. It was friendly, clean but a little tired. One night at $35 with power and water. There was a great marsh to take Hector on a walk.

Yorkton - sunset
Saskatchewan skies are big.

A good night from a temperature point of view, but the camp was noisy from the industry and trains nearby. And one of the industries didn’t smell so good. Both Hector and Puck were also disturbed by something as they started their wake up routine at 3:30 am…a rough night.

In the morning it was an easy pack up to head to Saskatoon.