The Big Catch Up Part 2

The last post had lots of photos…this one might not have as many…but by the end we’ll be all caught up.

Carelton Place - all here

Everything is reunited at our new home. The bike and the trailer and all our stuff! Trying to figure out a way to make the trailer fit in the garage!

Carleton Place - Fireworks

Canada day in Carleton Place was great! This small town puts on a very good fireworks display.

Carleton Place - town hall

The Town hall is cool and the clock works…it’s right across from a nice pub as well.

Carleton Place - Waterfron with Eleasa and Linda

Eleasa and Linda enjoying the view from the Waterfront Gastropub – the one that looks at the town hall.

Carleton Place - war canoe regata

CP – Carleton Place also has an annual regatta – the Carleton Place Canoe Club is the oldest continuous canoe club in Canada – 125 Years.

Carleton Place - the truck with kayaks

Linda’s sister and brother-in-law left their kayaks here for the summer…we thought we’d try them out.

Carleton Place - Linda and Pierre kayaking

The Mississippi river is a great place to kayak around CP.

Carleton Place - No Alligators

Fun sign near the highway.

Carleton Place - laundry on line

The cool thing about having a back yard now is….hanging our clothes out to dry.

Carleton Place - Cat and Mouse

Houses have mice! We have a cat – unfortunately a friendly cat!

Carleton Place - new BBQ

A modern home isn’t complete without a BBQ – oh the joy of assembling a new one.

Carleton Place - New desk

We also were looking out for a small desk…and behold…someone wonderful was giving one away…we jumped at the opportunity.

Carleton Place - run selfie

Of course…we run…this time on the Roy Brown Trail in Carleton Place.

Fitzroy Provincial Park - campsite

Camping was nearby at Fitzroy Provincial Park.

Fitzroy Provincial Park - view from the bridge

Nice trails.

Fitzroy Provincial Park - rock formation

This was a cool trail…this looks like an ancient undersea formation…most likely was under the Champlain Sea.

Fitzroy Provincial Park - Rain and ice cream

We decided to go for ice cream…didn’t look at the sky first…heavy thunderstorm on the walk back…that didn’t stop us though.

Fitzroy Provincial Park - Heron

Found a heron catching fish…much better than me…but then, I won’t starve if I catch nothing.

Fitzroy Provincial Park - Puck and Sunset

Even Puck was out enjoying the sunset.

Almont - with Dr. Naismith

Back at Carleton Place, we thought we’d explore, so we drove to Almonte and sat beside James Naismith – the inventor of Basketball.

Arnprior - Ferry

I went for a motorcycle ride on the Quebec side then used a cable ferry to return. Lots of fun.

Carleton Place - Duck Derby ducks

Back at Carleton Place, the CP Canoe Club held their fundraising Duck Derby…no we did’t win.

Berkley - At freinds

Then drove out to near Owen Sound to visit friends.

Berkley - three amigos

They had beautiful trails in their back yard.

Berkley - cows at sunset

Nice views on their front yard….those cows woke us up in the morning.

Carleton Place - Dining room

One of our friends was kind enough to give us this fabulous kitchen table and chairs…thank you Thomas…looks great here.

That catches us up to where we are…new adventures to follow.