Lethbridge to Billings and the meet up

We arrived in Lethbridge and used our Passport America membership to get a discounted campsite at Bridgeview HTR once again. We chose a wilderness campsite that was far nicer than the last one we had. It was in the woods and quiet. After unhooking the trailer we took the car to the dealer to have the tire repaired at Lethbridge Toyota…very friendly place, quick and under warranty. They had found a tear in the tread, maybe from the cattle gates.

Lethbridge Campsite

I had noticed that one of trailer tires was low, so I filled it up using our portable air pump. In the morning it had dropped enough that I knew we had to get that fixed as well. We started our day with a trip to the Nikka Yuka Japanese Garden, a beautiful place to visit…then a hike around Henderson Lake Park with a pretty golf course.

Lethbridge - Nikka Yukka Garden

The friendship bell.

Lethbridge - Nikka Yukka Garden Linda

Lethbridge - Nikka Yukka Garden  1

Above is the pavilion with a rock garden.

Below are some of the 150 Maple trees planted in honour of Canada’s 150th birthday.

Lethbridge - Henderson Lake walk

Next, a tire place for the trailer. We found Mo Tire and they looked after it quickly for us. It was a nail in the tire that was causing a slow leak.

A high school friend was living in Lethbridge and had posted on Facebook that if we were in the area we should give him a call…and we did…we met up with Dave and had a wonderful walk together through the Elizabeth Hall Wetlands.  Great seeing an old friend again and re-connecting.

Lethbridge - With dave

From Lethbridge we crossed the border at Sweetgrass, Montana with our eventual plan to see the total solar eclipse. I get very nervous crossing borders for some reason. We threw away any food that was questionable after researching the customs regulations, and ensured that all our papers were in order. The crossing was uneventful. It was strange driving down, just across the border and finding the scenery changing to something a little different. After arriving at Great Falls, Montana, staff at the visitor centre suggested the KOA campground so off we went after checking out some interesting Lewis and Clark statues outside.

Great Falls - Interpretation Centre

After setting up camp we did a bicycle ride along a wonderful trail beside the Missouri River. We followed the trail to Crooked Falls and Rainbow Falls. Then on our return, we stopped at the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Centre –  after a short introductory video we toured the exhibits. They had done a fine job of explaining the Lewis and Clark expedition,  well worth the price of admission.

Lethbridge Campsite

Our campsite.

Great Falls - behind the KOA

This was just behind the campsites.

Great Falls - Lewis and Clark Trail

The start of the trails we biked with a map below of the 40km ride.

Great Falls Ride

Great Falls - quick lunch

A nice lunch above and a bee having lunch below.

Great Falls - nature walk flower

Great Falls Cranes overhead

Cranes flying overhead and on the ride back this bird of prey on a pole.

Great Falls Big BIrd

Great Falls -Chicken

We were having chicken for dinner when we saw this chicken exploring the campsite then the truck.

Great Falls -chicken and truck

Then off to Billings…and the First KOA

Billings KOA sign

Billings Missouri River

The Yellowstone River behind the campsite…

Billing KOA campground

A cool place with a pond behind…Puck getting used to the trailer and checking out the surroundings with Linda.

Billings Cat and Linda

We meet up with Jim and Tammie and our adventures in Wyoming begin…

Tammie Jim Linda Pierre Wyoming Border

Let the eclipse happen…soon…