Up to Nanaimo next…

Visiting Nanaimo

January 8 to 14 – yup, still catching up.

We drove up from Victoria, BC up Highway 1 and again, there were some iffy sections of fog and cold. We made it.

Nanaimo - Living Forest

Our campsite at Living Forest RV Park just south of Nanaimo, BC

Nanaimo -  our beautiful camp

I don’t know how we lucked out, but the estuary was out the back window!

Nanaimo -  ships waiting

Nanaimo -  view from our campground

And the sunset…ok…it’s really sunrise and Linda took the photo…this made us very happy.

Nanaimo - Hike gazebo

We went wandering around Nanaimo to find a Nanaimo Bar…Linda found one…or two…or three……..

Nanaimo - Linda with nanaimo bar

We also found that there was a cool bird marsh in town called Buttertubs Marsh. A bird sanctuary in the middle of town.

Nanaimo - Buttertub heron

Nanaimo - Buttertub Marsh view

Nanaimo - Buttertub marsh

We then checked out the wharf.

Nanaimo - walk along the warf

Then to hiking at Neck Point Park…there was this bunny…

Nanaimo - bunny

Nanaimo - big driftwood and linda

These beautiful driftwood. This one looked like a whale head from one angle.

Nanaimo - Driftwood

A big monster or dinosaur from another.

Nanaimo - Logjam

Sometimes just a big log jam.

Nanaimo - Herons on Rocks

Then there were birds – herons – spreading their wings on rocks.

Nanaimo - park sculpture

Sculptures spreading their wings too…

Linda’s video at the park.

Nanaimo - Sheds on the island

There were shacks on the island.

Nanaimo - the Shacks

And on the spit.

Nanaimo - Pierre in the ocean

Pierre decided to go wading in the ocean…Good thing Linda thought that rubber boots would be handy on the hike.

Nanaimo -  Linda at the Park

Linda on the hike at the park.

Nanaimo - little door closed

On the way out, we found this little door on a tree.

Nanaimo - little door open

And we opened the door to find really cool little items. What a wonderful idea.

Nanaimo - Roy and Pierre

We met up with a wonderful retired co-worker Roy and had a fun time catching up.

Nanaimo - Christmas decorcation

More hiking around the campsite and we came across these ornaments hanging from trees.

Nanaimo - ships from the campground

Nanaimo - Keving and Baxter at the camp

Kevin and Baxter came to visit us…that was fun.

Nanaimo - Sign at the campground

We went on another hike and this was at the trailhead.

Nanaimo - Living forest hike

The weather started to change and the mist started. That did not deter us from getting out.

Nanaimo - Living forest turntable

This was a turntable for a swing bridge is what I guess.

Nanaimo - Pierre peeking out

Sometimes it’s fun to stay in the trailer as well.

Nanaimo - ships from the campground

Nanaimo -  Hike sunset

The birds patrolled the sunrise as well.

Nanaimo - St. JEans salmon

We also found this wonderful place St. Jeans Fishery. Great Salmon is what we are finding and they are well rated for sustainable fishing.

What fun…now we are off to Campbell River.