Fall 2020 around Ontario – Part 4

Rainbow Falls Provincial Park was next on our list. The park has two campgrounds called Rossport and Whitesand. The Rossport camp is a few kilometres west of the Whitesand campground.The Rossport camp is on the lake and looks great on a map. We had started to plan while at Kakabeka Falls and a few campsites at Rossport looked interesting. When we arrived there was only one site Linda and I liked and someone beat us there. Most of the sites were small and lacked privacy. We moved on to the Whitesand Lake campground and found a couple of sites that we worked for us. This was better as the trail to Rainbow falls was a short walk from the Whitesand campground.

Rainbow Falls PP - our fire with wet wood
Drying the “kiln dried” wood from the park store.

It had rained quite a bit in the Rainbow Falls Park area and many of the sites had mud. We still bought firewood and hoped that it would be dry. It wasn’t and we still managed to make the most of it.

Rainbow Falls PP - Pierre and Kim by the fire
Managed to get a decent fire going.

I forgot to get a good photo of the campsite. The first day there was a strong smell of gasoline, but it dissipated as the days passed. The fire didn’t set off a big flame so our guess was that someone had a leak and it dripped and mainly evaporated. There were some nice hikes to walk and we were ready.

Rainbow Falls PP - the waterfall
The falls were beautiful and like other parks had various steps and runs.

The Rainbow Falls hike to the lookout was a part of much longer hike that we want to do another time.

Rainbow falls PP - Linda posing pretty
Linda at the bottom of the last falls.

There were some excellent views along the way.

Rainbow Falls - the falls
More photos of the falls
Rainbow falls PP - a diffrent waterfall with colour starting to show
The colours are just starting to turn.
Rainbow Falls PP - at a viewpoint
One of the first viewpoints along the trail.

All of us would love to see the parks being better maintained in terms of the interpretative markers along the trails. These are often fascinating and give explanations of the plants, the geology, the animals in the area or other relevant information. Some of these have graffiti and others are so old and sun bleached that they are illegible.

Rainbow falls PP - Linda at the lookout
A lovely sunny day makes us happy.
Rainbow Falls PP - Linda and Hector resting after a long hike
A little rest for Hector and Linda.
Rainbow falls PP - Linda and Kim resting
Kim and Linda resting and enjoying the view from the top.
Rainbow Falls PP - four selfie
The group selfie. There were other hikes in the park and this was at the top of the one heading inland.
Rainbow falls PP - Linda and Pierre
I don’t know why but in the last photo Linda didn’t look happy. In this one she looks much happier. No I am not tickling her.

Interesting that my initial impression of Rainbow Falls wasn’t favourable. I think it had to do with the smell of gasoline and the amount of mud. It’s a good thing that we stayed a while. As the weather improved and we hiked around, I liked it more. Thoughts to remember about places that don’t have a great first impression: stay open to the possibility that it’s not the location but other factors that shape our opinions.

White Lake PP - 4 selfie
White Lake was a rainy time. We still went out.

From Rainbow Falls we went to White Lake Provincial Park…It was rainy and I found I didn’t want to take any photos. From there we headed towards Lake Superior Provincial Park; not the Agawa Bay we usually stay at but the Rabbit Blanket campground.

Rabbit Blanket PP - Hector Watching something
Hector looking at the trail toward Rabbit Blanket Lake.