From Aliens to Underground…

We left Amarillo and were going to head to Albequerque – When we looked at the map, I thought hey! There’s Roswell! At least we should head South and see what it’s all about.


And we did. I’m sure there was a lot to see, but looking at the map and where to camp next I saw Carlsbad..they have a BIG cavern there, so away we went.

Carlsbad entrance 1

The above is the cave entrance amphitheatre where during the bat season, people gather here to watch the thousands of bats leave the cave daily at sunset. We unfortunately were out of season.

Carlsbad entrance 2

We chose the natural entrance self guided tour and rented the audio guide.

Carlsbad entrance with Linda

Linda starting the descent with the switchbacks.

Carlsbad big hole

Into the darkness we descended.

Carlsbad first steps

The cave is reasonably lit, but when coming in from the sunny surface it looks very dark.

Carlsbad stalagtights

The photos will not do the experience justice of course…but i’ll try…

Carlsbad stalagmites

Carlsbad cave 3

Carlsbad cave 1

Carlsbad cave 2

Carlsbad big one

This was huge! I didn’t have a tripod with me – silly eh? – so almost all the photos are taken with the camera resting on rock – the walkway has a ledge that could accommodate the camera.

Carlsbad cave 4

Carlsbad cave lake

There were some underground lakes as well. This one is just a pool from the drip water.

We wished to do some of the more exciting tours, but they were all booked up for Thanksgiving week….yup, we are Canadian.

Carlsbad cave dollhouse

That was a fantastic morning! We might have to return and do the long guided tour where the participants have to crawl through tight spaces wearing knee pads to see much farther caverns deeper into the cave.

Away we went west.

Lincoln national forset pass

Lincoln National forest and Oliver Lee State Park…