Out of the weather to Carlsbad New Mexico and Gila Box Riparian in Arizona

Lack of Internet means this one is a catch up blog post.

Doug and I went our opposite directions…he has since made it home. I worked my way west. After a couple of days of dry camping, I treated myself to a KOA in Abilene Texas. 

Abiline - KOA in Texas camp
Campsite at Abiline Texas KOA.

Great service, good hot water and good drinking water. I also was able to fill up the propane tank.

The nights were still chilly and I headed to Carlsbad New Mexico to meet up with our Agawa Bay friends and their new Bigfoot trailer and doggie.

White City RV - the two trailers
I had just parked the Escape and walked to the registration when they pulled in.

We arrived within minutes of each other.

White City RV - the pointer
The pointer checking things out.
White City RV meeting up with Deb and Steve
The trailers are parked in opposite directions and the doors face – we even have a covered space.

Thanks to Deb making the booking, we managed to get sites besides each other that were set up so trailers could pull in opposite ways even our doors faced each other so we had dinner together and they are great hosts. 

Carlsbad - down the natrual entrance
This is most of the way down the natural entrance to the Carlsbad Caverns. There is still some natural light.

In the morning, we drove to the top of the hill and visited the Carlsbad Caverns doing the walking tour via the Natural Entrance. 

Carlsbad - more spooky decoration
Some spooky decoration.
Carlsbad - another cavern scene
Different decor here.
Carlsbad - a cavern scene
Some cool stalactites.
Carlesbad - decorations
Even some draperies.

Stunning – even my second time. This time though I didn’t take that many photos and I didn’t take the big camera and tripod. That’s for next time. 

Deb and Steve and wonderful – they gave me an amazing loaf of bread and a pin as a gift as we parted. Just wonderful to have wonderful friends.

Alamogordo - Walmart lot
Quick and easy – no unhooking and no stabilizers – the Walmart Lot Camp.

I thought I would go to Oliver Lee just South of Alamogordo New Mexico. When I arrived, all the sites were full; even on a Sunday evening. There were a few sites that were all packed up and covered as if the owners weren’t going to be there in some time… that was annoying. I called the nearest Walmart and they were nicely accommodating. I managed to get some shopping done as well.

It was an early morning getting fuel and heading to Arizona’s Gila Box Riparian Area. I hadn’t quite found everything at the last Walmart and stopped in the Safford one to finish picking up groceries for a week. Then off to the Riverview Campground. 

Gila Box Riparian Area- the flowers
These yellow flowers had some wonderful scent.

I remembered the drive well but last time we were here, there weren’t these wonderful yellow flowers and the beautiful scent that accompanied them along the way.

Gila Box Riparian Area- the big grade
There are some good grades there.
Gila Box Riparian Area- site numer 1
The first site.

Gila Box had a lot of people too but I managed to get site number 1. There are Javelinas in the area and it was their hunting season. That’s why there were so many people, I found out. After setting up I remembered this was the fist site to lose the sunshine in the afternoon and the last to get sun during the day. But there were lots of flowers there so I stayed.

Gila Box Riparian Area- the water jug
The water transport.

There are water spigots at the campsite and I have a water jug…I have realized that life is easier with a cart.

Gila Box Riparian Area- Mount Graham
Regular scenery around here.

I love the cactus and Mount Graham in the background.

Gila Box Riparian area - high Gila river
The Gila River

The river is high and fast this year.

Gila Box Riparian Area- cow bones
The bones.
Gila Box Riparian Area-  cow body
The hind hide.

A couple of years ago a few cows had wandered in and one of them didn’t survive the water.

Gila Box Riparian Area- a lizzard
I will eventually find out what kind of lizard this is and change this caption.

This guy was hanging out as long as the weather was warm.

Gila Box Riparian Area- site 1 with Mexican Poppies
They close at night and open in the warmth.

The Mexican Poppies are spectacular.

Gila Box Riparian Area- site 5 with ocotillos
Bigger and a little better view.

I moved to site number 5 as it has better views and more sunshine. The people left in the morning and I was in there an hour later.

Gila Box Riparian Area- site 5 from above
The castle and the view of site 5.

This place looks like a castle from Lord of the Rings.

Gila Box Riparian Area- sunset
Yet another sunset.

Arizona sunsets can be spectacular.

Gila Box Riparian Area- Pierre with the trailer in the morning
Morning coffee in the sun.

Good sunshine and a warm sun in the morning.

Gila Box Riparian Area- cactus fruit
This was so tiny.

The cactus are starting to fruit.

Gila Box Riparian Area- Ocotillo
The sum in the ocotillo is pretty.

I seem to like Ocotillos and this one is getting ready to flower.

I will miss Gila box, but onto Phoenix. I had hoped to get into the Lost Dutchman State Park but there are a lot of events happening and there isn’t any room. I was only able to get a 2 night spot at the KOA. A cosy and tight site…good showers, good laundry, very friendly staff and lots of Canadians. The water wasn’t good to drink and I was glad that I had good water from Gila Box. The WiFi would have been less frustrating if there wasn’t any.

Apache Junction - KOA camp
The Mesa AZ KOA camp.

A nice view from Tortilla Flats … time to move on from the KOA.