Home and nearby adventures

It’s been a trying year as there is worry about the COVID-19 virus.

Carleton Place - more storm
Storm finishing up near Carleton Place.

Like the virus, all storms will eventually leave.

We have a large window at home and a bird flew into it one day. I heard it and went out to have a look. This tiny bird was laying on the ground, still breathing. I picked it up and put it in a box with a little food and some water and a couple of hours later it returned. Linda named it Midge.

Carleton Place - Midge the sparrow
Midge the rescue bird now a regular on the deck along with the rest of the family.

We celebrated birthdays within our little bubble of people.

Carleton Place - Party
A nice day for a small party.

We borrow a neighbour’s dog so that Hector has great play time.

Carleton Place - Hector and Winnie
Here are Winnie and Hector playing tug of war.
Carleton Place - Hector is too hot
Resulting in a calm and relaxed pair of dogs.

The trailer had some issues with the MaxFan so I ordered parts and after quite a few weeks they arrived.

Carleton Place - RV repari with Pierre on the roof
Here is Pierre working on the fan from above to replace the lid lifter.

After lots of conversations with the Maxair repair people, I even found a regulator – another few weeks of waiting – and installed the voltage regulator.

Carleton Place -RV repair voltage regulator
Cute and small enough to fit in the fan housing.
Gananoque - Les and the artwork
Boating with Les and we ended up in Gananoque, ON – nice park for photos.
Carleton Place the neighbours
More birthday fun…summer seem to be a good time for all these. The indoor space called for a smaller bubble.
Carleton Place - Lindas new parka
Linda found a good deal on a winter parka…of course it was August.

I am trying to figure out what store has space to have parkas on display in August.

Carleton Place - Lindas harvest
A harvest from the garden.
Carleton Place the harvest
Pierre has his harvest as well.

I don’t know why the squirrels didn’t like the jalapeño papers and the tiny eggplant and squash were saved by metal fencing that they could not eat through.

Carleton Place - the grilled tofu with sweet potato
I wanted to try a new recipe: chilli tofu with mango corn relish and served them up with BBQ sweet potato.

I like to try different things and grilling in a vegan manner was enticing after reading the China Study. The above photo shows a nice recipe from Live Naturally Magazine (clicking here will take you to the recipe).

Carleton Place - home decorating
This was also a time to add new decorations.

Linda found these lamps and at first I didn’t think they would work, but they are doing quite well and I like them now.

Carleton Place - Linda Hector and Puck
We are fortunate that the cat and dog get along…most of the time.

Usually around dinner time, if we eat in front of the TV Puck and Hector will join us hoping for morsels, but they get hugs.

It was time for parent visits as the COVID restrictions had eased up.

Toronto - Basil
Linda visited her dad.

We drove down for a one night stay and Linda visited her dad.

Vaugan - Ashken
Pierre visited his mom.
Vaughan - the home
Pierre’s dad also came out after a short while.

As the venue for Pierre’s parents had good outdoor space where social distancing was possible, we were able to sit outside and say hello along with Linda and Hector. A good visit and all three parents were looking good and talkative.

Haliburton - the Chic cottage
The Chic Chalet where we met up with friends.

August was a time to meet up with old friends and we ended up at the Chic Challet that Eleasa had found. We were all from areas that weren’t hotspots for the virus and Linda and I had tested negative so the ten of us hung out.

Haliburton - Roger and George
Sitting on the porch with refreshments.
Haliburton - the hot tub
Hot tub time with plastic glasses and refreshments.

We had a pretty good time and found some hiking at Sir Sam’s as well.

Haliburton - the ski hill bike lift
There are lots of folk who mountain bike on ski hills during the summer.

We hiked up, but some people took their bicycles up the ski ramps to ride down. It looked like a lot of fun.

Haliburton - the silent ski lift
The regular ski lift sits empty.
Haliburton - hikin on the ski hill
A lunch stop on top the hill with Diane and Kim.

We did some fun hiking on the ski hill and watched people mountain bike down.

Haliburton - the ski hill
Nothing fancy for this selfie, other than a great hiking day with Diane and Kim with Pierre and Linda.

A good day for a hike.

Haliburton - the deer
We even managed to see a deer on our way.
Carleton Place - the cleaing and waxing of the trailer
It was time to clean up and wax the trailer. More travels were sure to come.

As the summer was ending, our fall travels were about to start and preparing the trailer is the beginning.

Carleton Place - filling up before the trip
Pierre filling the trailer.

Some people believe travelling with empty tanks is good. I like the first few days to have water I know I can drink. I am fine with full tank driving.

Algonquin Park - First site
The fist stop is Algonquin Park – Mew Lake campground.

We just aren’t fans of long drives when we don’t have to and we don’t like one night stays if we can avoid it. Mew Lake campground in Algonquin Park was a good stopping point; a couple of nights and met some interesting people.