Quartzsite to Yuma…

This catch up will take us to Feb 17th.

As the temperatures dropped, we headed south to see our friend Dave in Yuma.

A quick stop in Quartzsite so that we didn’t have to drive a long way.

Quartzsite sunset on the mountains

We were treated to beautiful light on the mountains.

Yuma - Dave and Linda

Linda and Dave at the Pint House in Yuma. They carry a wide variety of beers.

Yuma - store sign

I saw this funny sign and that reminded me of all the stuff I have sitting in a room at home…maybe I should open a store to get rid of it all.

Yuma state prison

The Territorial Prison site is well worth the visit.

Yuma Dave and Linda at the prison entrance

Linda and Dave at the old entrance.

Yuma the prison entrance

From the guard’s position.

Yuma - the cell entrance

The second entrance to the cells.

Yuma - the cells

These were tiny cells and apparently the heat becomes unbearable in this part of the world.

Yuma Dave and Pierre in the Dark Cell

For solitary confinement.

Yuma - at the jail corridor

The regular cell block.

Yuma the dark cell

Linda had to look as well. A tiny room with a few chains in the floor so that prisoners could be secured. No direct light, only a slight glow from the ventilation shaft and no toilets…a hundred years later you knew.

Yuma the trains tracks

For those that kept saying the 3:10 to Yuma…this was it…now there is a bridge.

Yuma Colorado River train

A coach that ended up being used as a work car being restored at the Colorado River State Park.

Yuma Colorado river museum

Pierre checking the various posters of the Dams on the Colorado.

Yuma - Mr. G's

Tammie had recommended Mr. G’s as a great place to eat and as usual, she was absolutely correct.

Yuma Marthas garden

Dave suggested a “date shake” and this is one of the big date farms in Yuma. The shakes are very good.

Yuma the top of a date tree

The date tree is getting ready to flower.

Yuma the date farm pano

Big date farm.

Gila box campsite at sunset

As the weather warmed and we started our trek back towards Ontario; we left Yuma for Gila box.

Gila Box sunset

Yet another one of these sunsets.