Fall 2020 around Ontario – Part 7

We are not fond of long drives and I’ve often wanted to stop in at Driftwood Provincial Park. It is such a romantic name.

Driftwood PP - our site and Linda
An unserviced site with just enough sun to help us make use of our solar for a day or two.

We managed to get a site and back in nicely along the waterfront. I would have preferred more sun as we weren’t plugged in and the night time temperatures were getting cooler, but, we know that we can comfortably survive a couple of days with limited solar. We just need to be careful about our power usage.

Driftwood PP - Pierre is fishing
I am always optimistic about catching something.

It was a shallow area in front of our campsite and I thought I would try fishing.

Driftwood PP - Pierre fishing
Lots of water where there should be fish!

My fishing sense is lacking is my guess. It was warm in the water, but still no fish. I tried various lures and found a worm or two without success.

Driftwood PP - the view from our camp
A panorama from our campsite.

The view was beautiful and as we were in a primarily tent area, it was quiet and peaceful.

Driftwood PP - relaxing with the dog
Hector enjoying his cot.

Hector seems to like laying on his cot rather than the ground. I think as a Southern US dog he is used to warmth more than cool Ontario fall weather.

Driftwood PP - Pierre and Jiffy pop
Who can remember Jiffy Pop popcorn?

It was so much fun heating the popcorn on the fire. I had to watch my hair as I bent over the flames to shuffle to basket. The top of the pan grew and the popcorn popped. It wasn’t as good as I remember it, but then we have become used to covering popcorn in butter and salt.

Driftwood PP - the boat in the woods
At the entrance to the park, there was this boat.

We didn’t find anything about this boat and it looked like they were refurbishing it, but with COVID-19 that project must have fallen apart.

Carleton Place - Hector sharing bed with Puck
Back home the pets rest together.

We made it home and it was time for a little change.

Carleton Place - view beofre paint
The dark red living room.

The rich red of the living room was wonderful for a few years, but it was time to change it to a lighter colour.

Carleton Place - the primer and paint
Lots of folks said you don’t need primer…I used primer and I know it helped quite a lot.
Carleton Place - painting 3 walls done
Painting clothes on and two walls done.
Carleton Place - Painting 3 walls
It’s all starting to take shape.
Carleton Place - post painting living room

All done and the next two rooms also done. Time for a little hiking.

Gatineau Park - Hector and Linda
Gatineau park was close and Hector loves to hike

We started to feel cooped up and after all the hard work a hike in Gatineau seemed like a good idea.

Gatineau Park - a colourful trail
A few nice trails in the park in fall.
Gatineau Park - near the exhibit
Just outside one of the activity buildings – closed due to COVID-19

Hiking was a good transition from camping and it felt good to be outdoors. Since the restrictions eased quite a bit we were able to meet up with neighbours.

Carleton Place - our wonderful neighbours
Good time to get together and eat.
Carleton Place - Ghpama after cooking
Ghapama – an Armenian rice dessert in a pumpkin.
Carleton Place - Thanksgiving
Dinner is ready.
Carleton Place - Ghapama cut
How to serve the Ghapama.

The fall cooking started and we hoped for some sunny days to get a last camping trip or at least a good hike in before winter.