A few days early at Kakabeka Falls

We had a reservation at Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park but we arrived two days early hoping to get a campsite. We were fortunate once again and we were able to get the site that we had booked a couple of days ahead.

Kakabeka Falls - teh sign
The Kakabeka Falls sign. It’s right off the highway and depending on the campsite, it can be noisy.
Kakabeka - a nice photo of the camp
Our campsite was far away from the road and in a secluded area.

We did well choosing the site from the park’s map many months ago. When we arrived we found we were far away from most other sites and no campers behind us either. Our neighbours were seasonal people who weren’t present. We managed to get the tent up as well to give us extra space.

Kakabeka - Tent and table
Our setup at Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park.

The tent had our old red table inside. We used the resident picnic table to cook on and the folding table was for morning coffee.

Kakabeka - Hector in the dog park
The dog beach at Kakabeka.

Hector was fond of cooling off in the water and romped around quite a bit in the mud. It’s good to be a short haired dog.

Kakabeka - Pierre eating
Linda managed to catch Pierre eating.

It’s a pretty good setup with the rug reducing the amount of dirt that ends up in the trailer.

Kakabeka - South to the river
Looking downriver from the falls at Kakabeka.

We often get out early enough to avoid crowds at popular places and this was no exception. We had beautiful views without the crowds.

Kakabeka - The Falls
The namesake falls – Kakabeka Falls.

It was a beautiful clear day and there was no haze. I even saw a bald eagle on the other side of the river but was unable to get a good photo.

Kakabeka - Puck on the prowl
Puck made it out exploring.

Puck kept exploring even more than we had anticipated. Someone from many sites down came to us to ask if we had a grey and white cat. Adventurous!

Kakabeka - Pierre with beer
A good relax after hiking in the heat.

There is reasonably good signal at this park.

Kakabeka - Laundry
We needed to do laundry and hanging it out to dry is best.

We had been gone for a week or so and we (Linda) did laundry in the morning and we managed to get it all hung up on a line for it to dry while we hiked. Unfortunately there were thunderstorms later that day and we had to use the dryer at the park this time.

Kakabeka - Linda on the Little Falls Trail
Linda on the Little Falls Trail.

The Little Falls trail is extended from the Mountain Portage Trail from the camp store. There are signs that tell us about the portages and on the upper portion of the trail we talked about how people carried canoes and all their stuff through the dense brush.

Kakabeka - Little Falls
The Little Falls at Kakabeka…very cute.

The Little Falls were a treat to see in the wilderness.

Kakabeka - Linda climbing the 30 meter end
The last bit of the trail before rejoining the Mountain Portage Trail is a steep 100ft 30m climb.

We did this trail after the thunderstorm and weren’t sure if there would be mud on the climb out – but it was fine.

Kakabeka - Linda dinner and wine
After hike dinner.

One of the nice things about good hikes is the food at the end.

Kakabeka - the littel frog
We found this tiny guy trying to cross the road..he’s only about 2 cm – less than an inch big.
Kakabeka - the transmission
From one of the lookout points down to the river – that little thing on the bottom centre is a transmission.

Strange what we find at the bottom of cliffs. At Ouimet Canyon, someone had thrown down a whitewall tire. Here at Kakabeka there were bigger and heavier car parts. That’s a wheel and transmission at the bottom of this cliff. I think the winter ice carried it down from upriver where it would be easy for a vehicle to get stuck trying to cross.

Kakabeka - Trailer at dusk
Escape trailer and we’re getting ready for bed.

It’s really nice to have a comfortable place to lay our heads at night.

Ignace - Rest Stop
The rest stop in Ignace.

After three nights we continued our journey and now that we were on schedule we would be arriving at Aaron Provincial park next. From Thunder Bay to Dryden is long enough that we had to have a rest stop and Ignace looked pretty good. The rest area is a little off the road and has a lovely beach area.