We’ve bought a house…

We’ve bought a house…

Finally, Linda and I found one that we both like, in a neighbourhood that we both like. There is even enough space on the driveway to park the trailer. I found it difficult to think about owning again as I love the travelling life.

Carleton Place - House in CP

The house is close to groceries, in a small town, near a big city that is gently expanding and has enough space for all my stuff.

Owen Sound - Puck in a box

Puck the cat wanted to get packed…or maybe just the cat in the box.

Once back in Owen Sound, we started back to getting in shape. With all the travels we did, including the race in Tucson and we find ourselves with a serious lack of exercise – yes all that hiking – but hardly any running since mid December. 

Owen Sound - Chi-Cheemaun in ice

The Chi-Cheemaun is still in the harbour and looking to get going – I am fairly certain that its crossings start in early May. 

Owen Sound - Bicycle on the trail with Ice in Georgian Bay

So…the bicycle is out and riding around the trails near Owen Sound.

Owen Sound - Ice on Owen Sound

There is still ice on the sound on Georgian Bay.

Owen Sound - Sunny day on the snowy trail

Running on the trail…still some snow around, so trail shoes.

Owen Sound - Weavers Creek Falls

We are running along some of the same trails as well. Above is Weavers Falls in Owen Sound at Harrison Park.

Owen Sound - Jones Falls

Owen Sound - river for Jones Falls

Some nice walks. This is Jones Falls.

Owen Sound - Swans

The swans in Kelso…walking is fun.

Owen Sound - Sunset

The sunsets from our apartment are dramatic.

Toronto - Linda gathering

We managed to squeeze a family gathering in.

Owen Sound - Beach at Big Bay

A nice drive to Big Bay…the “Stone Skipping Capital of Canada” they say.

Owen Sound - Wiarton Willie

Visited Wiarton Willy to have a chat about the snow in mid April….didn’t seem to work.

Owen Sound - Tea set at Kemble

The Kemble Tea set from the Women’s Institute.

Owen Sound - Red Robe Hair Guy

The Armenian Red Robe guy with the big hair making pita bread!

What next?